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Sketch Show - Loophole (2004) __LINK__

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The obvious weakness in the script is that the characters are uninteresting. Soumik has not even given Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis a name; it is just called as the disease. However, there is also a major problem with the sound, and it might offend some viewers. The logic behind the script is to have some laughter at meeting of two personalities represented by the characters of an octogenarian and his grandson, but the laughter is wavering. In most of the scenes, the laughter is just hollow and your attention wanders elsewhere. As for the music, the songs are okay but not the type of music you would want to listen to. Just a few will have complete sense, like enzyme inhibitor. I would have liked to have known more about the two souls who met in this movie. ”Will Anthony find his way to happiness?” may be a repetition, but it is a question that burns down the screen. The screenplay tried to make the story a grand showdown, but the revelation about the characters, too, is superficial and will not leave an impression on the audience. The valiant struggles for life, which they are doing to live in the name of love, only fall flat. There is not a single scene that reminds you of real life. Anthony Kaun Hai could be a grim life, but not a thriller. Anthony Kaun Hai? is an anti-thriller, and is only in the movies what it isOkay, this is how the story goes.Okay, we have a couple living with children in their old age. The children are well taken care of. The grandparents need not worry about retirement or medical care and only looking forward to their golden years. The oldies are happy. The only thing that worries them is about how their love for each other will be affected with old age. How would the love of the couple change as they get older?This is the premise, and this is where the script begins. Anthony Kaun Hai is the subtitle taken from the title of one of Soumik's movies, in which one finds romance in playing a saxophone. He finds romance in music and chemistry in relationships. d2c66b5586


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