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Disciplined strategic capital deployment to enhance profitability and shareholder value saw $75.5m invested in M&A and $43.5m in capital investments this year to drive growth and productivity. Further, the $62.1m return to shareholders marks the 16th year of increased dividends and further demonstrates the very strong and sustained cash flow generation of Ansells business even during this period of transformation. Finally, the F19 buyback program resulted in $176.0m of share repurchases and further shareholder returns.

In this instance, the transaction requires the re-use of these existing data elements to capture incremental profit in production returns as a single back-to-back GL/GT item with corresponding revenue. When the sales order is received, the transaction will reflect the current average cost of production. However, when the invoice is processed and the GL is created, all the production costs are summed up and then the incremental profit amount is reported as a single line item.

Still, for items with many unique serial numbers such as a trade paperback or a paperback, a little bit of math can make a huge difference. When a serial number is acquired and that serial number is used to produce different products, then the new serial numbers are all going to be a lower cost. The net result is that you need fewer units to reach the same amount of revenue.

Its for this reason that big publishers are often more focused on selling more books than more movies or games. In fact, book publishing is one of the safest bets in the entertainment industry, with the textbook or training book making for a reliable source of profit. 3d9ccd7d82


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