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Hitman Sniper Mobile Review: A Thrilling and Challenging Sniper Experience

Hitman Sniper Mobile: A Guide for Aspiring Assassins

If you are a fan of stealth, strategy, and sniping, then you will love Hitman Sniper Mobile, the latest mobile game from Square Enix Montreal. Hitman Sniper Mobile is a spin-off of the popular Hitman franchise, featuring a new storyline, new characters, and new challenges. In this game, you will step into the shoes of one of the elite assassins working for the International Contract Agency (ICA), and take on various missions around the world. You will use your skills, gadgets, and environment to eliminate your targets, while avoiding detection and collateral damage. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer to the Hitman series, you will find Hitman Sniper Mobile to be a thrilling and addictive experience. In this article, we will give you an overview of the game, its features, and some tips and tricks to help you become the ultimate silent assassin.

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The Gameplay of Hitman Sniper Mobile

Hitman Sniper Mobile is a first-person shooter game that focuses on sniping. You will use your smartphone or tablet as a scope, and swipe, zoom, and tap to aim and fire at your targets. You will also have access to various gadgets, such as silencers, explosives, distractions, and more. You will need to use your strategic skills and creativity to plan your shots, as each mission has different objectives, conditions, and challenges. For example, you may need to kill a specific target without alerting anyone, or cause an accident that looks natural. You may also need to deal with guards, security cameras, civilians, and other obstacles. You will earn money and experience points for completing missions, which you can use to unlock and upgrade your weapons and abilities.

How to snipe your targets in different scenarios

One of the most important aspects of Hitman Sniper Mobile is knowing how to snipe your targets in different scenarios. Each mission will have a different location, time of day, weather, and layout. You will need to adapt to these factors and find the best spot, angle, and timing for your shots. For example, you may need to snipe from a rooftop, a window, or a balcony. You may need to account for wind, distance, or bullet drop. You may need to wait for the right moment when your target is alone, exposed, or distracted. You may also need to use your intuition and observation skills to identify your target among other people.

How to use your environment and gadgets to your advantage

Another important aspect of Hitman Sniper Mobile is knowing how to use your environment and gadgets to your advantage. You will have access to various items and features in the game that can help you complete your missions more easily or creatively. For example, you can use explosives, gas tanks, generators, or chandeliers to cause explosions or accidents that can kill or distract your targets. You can use radios, phones, alarms, or speakers to lure your targets or guards away from their positions. You can also use bin oculars, cameras, or mirrors to see your targets or their surroundings. You can also use your abilities, such as slow motion, thermal vision, or focus, to enhance your sniping skills. You will need to use these tools wisely and sparingly, as they have limited uses or cooldowns.

How to unlock and upgrade your weapons and abilities

As you progress in Hitman Sniper Mobile, you will be able to unlock and upgrade your weapons and abilities. You will have access to a variety of sniper rifles, each with different stats, such as damage, accuracy, stability, reload speed, and magazine size. You will also have access to different scopes, silencers, and skins for your weapons. You can upgrade your weapons by spending money and parts that you earn from completing missions or opening crates. You can also unlock and upgrade your abilities, such as slow motion, thermal vision, focus, and more. These abilities can give you an edge in your missions, but they have limited uses or cooldowns. You can upgrade your abilities by spending money and skill points that you earn from leveling up.

The Story and Characters of Hitman Sniper Mobile

Hitman Sniper Mobile is not just a game of sniping, but also a game of storytelling. You will follow a new storyline that takes place in the Hitman universe, featuring new characters and events. You will play as one of the four new assassins working for the ICA, each with their own personality, background, and motivation. You will also face new enemies and threats that are plotting to disrupt the world order. You will discover how the game connects to the main Hitman series, and how your actions will affect the outcome of the story.

Who are the new assassins and what are their motivations?

The new assassins that you can play as in Hitman Sniper Mobile are:

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  • Knight: A former British special forces soldier who joined the ICA after a tragic incident. He is calm, professional, and loyal to his mission.

  • Stone: A former American FBI agent who became a vigilante after his family was killed by a crime syndicate. He is ruthless, vengeful, and obsessed with justice.

  • Ruby: A former French hacker who was recruited by the ICA for her skills and intelligence. She is witty, playful, and curious about the world.

  • Zhang: A former Chinese spy who defected to the ICA after being betrayed by his government. He is cunning, mysterious, and ambitious.

Each assassin has their own reason for joining the ICA and taking on the missions. You will learn more about their backstory and motivation as you play the game.

Who are the enemies and what are their plans?

The enemies that you will face in Hitman Sniper Mobile are:

  • The Cabal: A secret organization that is behind many of the world's conflicts and crimes. They have a network of agents, mercenaries, and corrupt officials that serve their interests. They are planning to unleash a global chaos that will benefit them.

  • The Heralds: A rogue faction of the ICA that has gone rogue and betrayed their former colleagues. They have allied themselves with the Cabal and are helping them with their plans. They have access to the same resources and skills as the ICA.

  • The Targets: Various individuals that are involved in the Cabal's schemes or pose a threat to the ICA's operations. They include politicians, businessmen, criminals, terrorists, and more. They have different levels of security and protection that you will need to overcome.

You will need to eliminate these enemies before they can execute their plans or harm innocent people.

How does the game connect to the Hitman universe?

Hitman Sniper Mobile is a spin-off of the main Hitman series, but it is not a standalone game. It is connected to the Hitman universe in various ways:

  • The game takes place after the events of Hitman 2 (2018) and before the events of Hitman 3 (2021).

  • The game features some familiar locations from the main series, such as Montenegro, Mumbai, Dubai, and more.

  • The game features some cameo appearances from characters from the main series, such as Diana Burnwood (the handler of Agent 47), Lucas Grey (the leader of the Heralds), Olivia Hall (the hacker ally of Agent 47), and more.

  • The game references some events and missions from the main series, such as The Showstopper ( the Paris fashion show mission), The Finish Line (the Miami car race mission), and more.

  • The game hints at some plot developments and twists that will be revealed in Hitman 3, such as the identity of the Constant (the leader of the Cabal) and the fate of Agent 47.

You will enjoy Hitman Sniper Mobile more if you are familiar with the Hitman universe, but you can also play it as a standalone game if you are new to the series.

The Features and Benefits of Hitman Sniper Mobile

Hitman Sniper Mobile is not just a game of sniping, but also a game of features and benefits. You will enjo


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