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Peter Ewers Symphonic Organ Samples Library

The Peter Ewers Symphonic Organ Samples library serves up three different perspectives on one of the most significant pipe organs in the world, the Grand Cavaille-Coll Organ at the Eglise de la Sainte Madeleine in Paris. This organ was at the forefront of the transition to the modern pipe organ. But it is no dinosaur. To this day, it is widely recognized as one of the finest instruments ever constructed.

peter ewers symphonic organ samples library

  • This sample library pack features Symphonic String sections with superior sound quality, convenient section layout, all common articulations and character suitable for any musical style from classical music to contemporary - at an economical size of only 540 MB (5/10/2003). Giga News For February 2003 (2/28/2003).

  • Sonic Implants Releases More MINI Version of Symphonic Strings: "The MINI version, shipping on 6 CD-ROMs..." (2/14/2003).

  • Q Up Arts - Voices of the Aztecs Gigasampler CD-ROM "Add ancient culture to your music... Voices of the Aztecs is a full compilation of Aztecs instruments, loops and vocals. These samples were recorded in Mexico from archeological artifacts. Booklet included offers a cultural history of the Aztecs. Technical Spec: 44k/16 bit." (2/5/2003).

  • - Announces Accordions and Metal from Michiel Post (1/31/2003).

  • The HIP.gig - new jazz drum library for Gigastudio from Kevin Moreland (12/2/2002).

  • Q Up Arts Announces Producers Composite for GigaSampler (10/24/2002).

  • GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial ON 4 CD's for $59.99 MSRP (10/12/2002).

  • Giga News For October 2002 (10/7/2002).

  • New Grand Piano Sample Collection from WizooSounds (8/29/2002).

  • ILIO to Distribute Vienna Symphonic Orchestral Sample Libraries in the Americas Initial offering to be 45 GB's!!! The DVD Collection, due out by December 2002, will be Gigasampler native (8/29/2002)

  • Giga News For July 2002 (8/01/2002).

  • Symphonic Strings Collection from Sonic Implants (7/31/2002).

  • Scarbee Releases Light Versions of Bass Giga Libraries (7/11/2002).

  • Free Update Shipped to Users of Garritan Orchestral Strings (7/10/2002).

  • GIGADAW TK1 (Analog): Pre-configured PC System with GigaStudio 160 pre-installed. A Great Solution to get working with GigaStudio right away! (7/3/2002)

  • Giga News For June 2002 (6/18/2002).

  • Harmony Central - Debuts with Three New Sample CDs (6/14/2002).

  • - Tascam GigaStudio 32 Review (6/10/2002).

  • Audio, GigaStudio Sound Sample Libraries - Special Offers on Tascam's GigaStudio and X-9 DJ Mixer (6/8/2002).

  • Audio, GigaStudio Sound Sample Libraries - Harmony Central Art Vista Releases Cool Vibes CD-ROM for GigaStudio (5/24/2002).

  • Coming Soon! Garritan Orchestral Strings library - Garritan Orchestral Strings "lite" includes special version of Chicken Systems Translator! (5/21/2002)

  • Tascam's GigaStudio: Giga News For May 2002 - GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial; Garritan Orchestral Strings library + Giga Tips & Tricks! (5/21/2002)

  • Audio Conversions: Chicken Systems - Translator Mac Now Available! (Update 5/18/2002).

  • Urgent Notice: We have just learned - For those of you running GigaStudio 2.5 on Windows 2000 (NTFS), take notice of your Anti-Virus Software! When running the Trend Micro FREE On-Line Anti-Virus Checker, you may receive a False Virus ID. will identify NE_SYSDATA.A as being the hidden Trojan with their Trojan System Cleaner. Trend Micro may be wrongly identifying your .Gig file associations as a Trojan Virus. We have alerted Tascam to this and will report back to you with Tascam's comments (4/28/2002).

  • NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. "GigaStudio is a software-based sampling workstation for Windows computers."

  • The Best of Bolder Sounds for Gigastudio Ships; 65 sound banks on this double CD custom programmed for GigaStudio; Listen to 25 MP3 Demos for Preview (4/20/2002).

  • GigaNews 4-19-02 - Giga News For April 2002 (4/19/2002).

  • Destination-Gigasampler-Gigastudio - Translator, Sampler Conversions (4/8/2002).

  • ABSSM - How to Create a GigaSample Multi-Disk CD Set (4/8/2002).

  • IBM Hard disk drives Real-world applications GigaSampler The Musical Stream Machine (4/8/2002).

  • Optimizing Your PC to Run Gigasampler (4/8/2002).

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  • Configuring Cubase and Gigasampler

  • FMJ-Software - Awave: Audio File Conversions - Awave Studio v8.2

  • CDxtract - Sampler Library and Conversion Tool

WaveCraft 1.0 WaveCraft is a sample generating emulation of a modular synthesiser, with a wide selection of modules to choose from, including resonant low-pass and high-pass filters, glide, analogue sequencer and so on. It produces sample files in the standard WAV format as well as a raw format for other purposes. It is ideally suited for use with wavetable sound cards such as the AWE32, which can play WaveCraft's samples as musical tones with considerable polyphony and multitimbrality. WaveCraft was only previously available commercially; this official downloadable version is free, and lacks only the bulky library of pre-rendered sounds, although all the settings files required to recreate them are provided.


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