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Ifeachor Jervis Digital Signal Processing A Practical Approach

Modern coverage of the fundamentals, implementation and applications of digital signal processing techniques from a practical point of view. The past ten years has seen a significant growth in DSP applications throughout all areas of technology and this growth is expected well into the next millennium. This successful textbook covers most aspects of DSP found in undergraduate electrical, electronic or communications engineering courses. Unlike many other texts, it also covers a number of DSP techniques which are of particular relevance to industry such as adaptive filtering and multirate processing. The emphasis throughout the book is on the practical aspects of DSP.

ifeachor jervis digital signal processing a practical approach

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The second edition of this popular text continues to provide practical coverage of the fundamentals of digital signal processing (DSP) using real-world applications and practical examples to illustrate key topics. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, the text also provides insight and guidance on how to use DSP techniques in order to design real engineering systems. This edition has been updated to include new topics of increasing importance to industry, as well as revising existing material to ensure currency and maximise clarity. MATLAB-based examples and exercises are now provided with the text and further problems have been added. This practical, introductory text covers most aspects of DSP found in undergraduate electrical, electronic or communications engineering courses. It additionally covers a number of DSP techniques, such as adaptive filtering and multirate processing, which are of particular relevance to those in industry or undertaking advanced studies. Key features

This book was born out of our experience in teaching practically oriented courses in digital signal processing (DSP) to undergraduate students at the University of Plymouth and the Sheffield Hallam University, and to application engineers in industry for many years. It appeared to us that many of the available textbooks were either too elementary or too theoretical to be of practical use for undergraduates or application engineers in industry. As most readers will know from experience, the gap between learning the fundamentals in any subject and actually applying them is quite wide. We therefore decided to write this book which we believe undergraduates will understand and appreciate and which will equip them to undertake practical digital signal processing assignments and projects. We also believe that higher degree students and practising engineers and scientists will find this text most useful.

The current great interest and developments in DSP both in industry and academia are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. The availability of numerous digital signal processors recognizes the commercial potential of DSP. Its major attraction lies in the ability to achieve guaranteed accuracy and perfect reproducibility, and in its inherent flexibility compared with analogue signal processing. In industry, many engineers lack the necessary knowledge and expertise in DSP to utilize the immense potential of the very powerful digital signal processors now available off the shelf. This book provides insight and practical guidance to enable engineers to design and develop practical DSP systems using these devices.


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