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How To Get Strange Coins In Destinyl

Destiny 2 players are currently enjoying everything that the new Festival of the Lost event has brought to the fan-favorite game. One set of items that the Festival of the Lost has added to the popular title are the chocolate strange coins Guardians can use for currency. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about these chocolate strange coins covered for you below.

How To Get Strange Coins In Destinyl

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Players will need to visit the one and only Eva Levante at the courtyard of the Tower to use their chocolate strange coins to buy items. However, if you do not have any of this currency, you will have to do some work to obtain some to buy the array of loot Eva Levante has for sale.

Players can earn this currency by completing various activities when wearing one of the five Festival of the Lost masks. You can find a variety of activities and the amount of chocolate strange coins they pay out when completed below:

There are certainly plenty of things to do with the chocolate strange coins in Destiny 2. Are you looking for more coverage besides how to get your hands on those delicious pieces of currency? You can also find out about even more exciting things in the three in our dedicated hub for the looter-shooter or the three handy guides we have right down below:

If you want to get the Forerunner exotic sidearm in the latest Destiny 2 update, you will need to jump through a few hoops. Specifically, you will need to earn a deposit of strange coins and track down an equally strange key.

However, if you are a Halo fanatic then you will definitely want to pick up this exciting piece of loot. The below walkthrough should help accelerate this process, by showing you how to get strange coins and what to do with the strange key item.

Once you have managed to locate the ever-transient Xur at his new haunt on Eternity, you can speak with him to get the Magnum Opus quest. Your first objective here will be to collect seven strange coins, which you can then use to purchase bounties from the nearby Starhorse (which is basically a living astrological constellation).

In terms of getting those coins in the first place, they're not hidden collectables that you have to find around the game world. Instead, they are simply handed out as rewards for completing any of the following activities:

When you interact with the Starhorse, you will be able to purchase bounties from it using the strange coins that you have already collected. It will offer both daily and weekly quests that are of varying levels of difficulty, so you should be able to find something that works for you.

Upon arrival, you will need to head over to a cluster of rocks that are at your 2 o'clock. When you get near enough to these, a marker will appear on screen showing you the exact spot that you need stand. Once you are position, a prompt should appear instructing you to finally use the strange key and progress to the end of the quest.

To maximize your loot, be sure to spend your Strange Coins on all your available Starhorse bounties first. You can get three small bounties each day and three big bounties each week, and these are the best use of your Strange Coins since they give Paraversal Hauls. If you find yourself with excess coins, you can spend them on Paraversal Hauls for some variety or guarantee additional weapons by buying more Treasure Keys. If you're short on Strange Coins, Dares of Eternity is the best place to get more, but you can also go for normal playlist activities like Strikes.

Weekly Bounties earn you +5 Chocolate Strange Coins while daily bounties get you +2. Just from bounties alone that means you can get 18 Chocolate Strange Coins on your first day of farming, without even buying additional daily bounties for glimmer. In a week that's 66 coins if you hit every daily bounty. You're going to be wanting at LEAST that many though because this incredible Calus mask goes for 40 coins and there are still others to buy!

As usual, he also has exotic shards (seven strange coins), the Urn of Sacrifice (one strange coin), Sparrow upgrades (twenty-three strange coins), and telemetry for hand cannons, shotgun, and rocket launchers (one strange coin). There is no heavy ammo synthesis this week. Xur also has gauntlet engrams, which will cost you 23 motes of light. 350c69d7ab


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