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Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Album Download Zip ##HOT##

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The ads upped the ante by offering download codes which fans could redeem at the Sprint store or on Jay-Z's Web site. When JAY-Z released the ad, he claimed that he would drop the album on July 9, 2013, along with two bonus tracks that he had recorded for the NBA Finals. Several days before the release of the album, JAY-Z started promoting the album on social media, allowing fans to download the app ahead of its July 9 release date. In an attempt to get the app number one in the app store, the rapper also created a marketing strategy that included giving away 1,000,000 free downloads to get him the #1 spot in the iOS and Android app store.

As JAY-Z went into a recording booth, he had two song ideas for the album: the song we all know today, Picasso Baby, and the track that would become the anthem of the album, Holy Grail. The song was originally an idea that was cooked up between Swizz Beatz and JAY-Z, and he heard it in the hot summer day session. On the day of the recording, JAY-Z sat in a BMW with Beatz and reached into his pocket for a wallet, cracking a smile to reveal a $3 million check. JAY-Z was locked in as he and Rubin asked the crowd to clap along to the beat while they mixed it up.

On the day the album was released, JAY-Z made a surprise appearance to perform together with Mavado, Asher Roth, J. Cole and a few other artists on the Magna Carta... Holy Grail song. After JAY-Z and his crew boogied on stage, the star talked about the audience being very close to the album title, and he was afraid that they would steal the record. He promised he would return soon to redeem the album and free it into the world. He also discussed the fact that he felt an extra responsibility to make the best album of his career. He also thanked the network of artists and producers who helped him make the album. 3d9ccd7d82

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