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Interchange Book 3 Free ^HOT^ Download Audio

Interchange Book 3 Free Download Audio ===

The exercises in the 16 teaching units are grouped into two topical and/or functional cycles. Progress checks after every two units allow students to assess and monitor their own learning. New to this edition is aSelf-study section with a free audio CD.

Jordan Wainer: Thank you, Paula. On behalf of the Federal Highway Administration's Center for Innovative Finance Support I would like welcome to today's joint DOT FHWA major project webinar. My name is Jordan Wainer. I'm with the U.S. DOT's Volpe Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and today I will be facilitating our question-and-answer period and providing technical assistance. I will introduce Jim Sinnette, the project delivery team leader momentarily. But before he begins I would like to point out a few key features of our webinar room. On the top left side of your screen you will find the audio call in information. If you are disconnected from our webinar at any time, please use that call in information to reconnect to our audio. Below the audio information is a list of attendees. Below the list of attendees is a box titled material for download where you may access a copy of today's presentation. Simply select the file, click download file and follow the prompts on your screen. In the lower left corner is a chat box where you can submit questions to our presenters throughout the webinar. We will pause for questions at the end of each presentation if time allows and we may take questions over the phone later on. Further instruction will be given at that time. If you experience any technical difficulties, please use the chat box to send a private message to Michael Kay. Our webinar is scheduled to run until 3:30 P.M. Eastern today and we are recording today's webinar so that anyone unable to join us may review the material at a later time. Finally, before we get started there are two quick poll questions I would like to introduce to help better understand where our audience is. The first question is how many people are participating with you today. The second question is what is your affiliation So I'll give you all a couple of seconds to respond to those polls. And thank you for your responses. I'll close out the polls now and turn over the webinar to Jim Sinnette. Jim...

Allan Kosup: Good morning and welcome. Let me just kind of step through a little bit of what the corridor is. We call it the I-5 north coast, not the north coat but coast corridor in San Diego County and it's a 27-mile long corridor. One of the things that's unique about San Diego County, obviously, the coastal boundaries. This project is entirely within the coastal zone. And we have very limited north/south facilities, in fact, we really only have two in our county. One the I-5 corridor combination freeway and rail and then the I-15 corridor. And because of that our facilities are much more than just commuter facilities. In fact, sometimes we have higher volumes on Saturdays and Sundays as people go to the recreational areas as people are moving to and from Mexico. We've got a lot of goods movement. And so they're very high demand corridors. On the freeway we're running probably close to 250,000 folks a day. In the corridor at any one point in time we run about 700,000 people per day are touching the corridor so a lot of demand. In California, our coastal zone has a higher regulatory bar so to speak and that was a major constraint as we looked at the project. Also, a number of endangered species. So it was a very complex project to begin with. We go over through six coastal cities and through six coastal lagoons. And at the end of the day what we have is a $6 billion 30 year program of projects that really has four major components, express lanes which are essentially managed lanes that we're going to use first and foremost for carpools bus rapid transit and then any additional capacity will be priced. It's very similar to a model we have on the I-15. Also our existing rail line about half of it is


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