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Figure 3 Genomic comparison in Halioticoli clade. (A) Circular map designed to compare the nucleotide identity of all genomes against V. ishigakensis JCM 19231T. The genomes were compared by BLASTn, and the percent identity between them was determined by the intensity of color in each ring. The rings from inner to outer are presented as follows: the GC content and CG skew of V. ishigakensis JCM 19231T, the genomes of V. ishigakensis JCM 19231T, V. gallicus LMG 21878T, V. rarus LMG 23674T, V. halioticoli IAM 14596T, V. neonatus JCM 21521T, V. ezurae JCM 21522T, V. inusitatus LMG 23434T, V. comitans LMG 23416T, V. breoganii CAIM 1829T, and V. superstes JCM 21480T, respectively. (B) Genomic synteny plots were analyzed using Artemis Comparison Tool. Gray lines indicate each genome size. Red bars indicate the conserved genomic regions, and blue bars indicate genomic inversions. A bigger and clearer plot is available in Figure S1.

21521 rar

Figure 4 The pan-genome analysis of the Halioticoli clade species. Circle bars represent the occurrence of gene clusters in each genome. Gene cluster represents a group of homologues identified based on the amino acid sequence similarity. Heatmap in the upper right corner represents ANI calculation between these genomes (the barrier for species identification is 95%), and the above phylogenetic tree was constructed using amino acid sequences of 125 better single-copy genes by embedded FastTree tool. Abbreviations for the Halioticoli clade species are represented as Bre, V. breoganii CAIM 1829T; Com, V. comitans LMG 23416T; Ezu, V. ezurae JCM 21522T; Gal, V. gallicus LMG 21878T; Hal, V. halioticoli IAM 14596T; Inu, V. inusitatus LMG 23434T; Ish, V. ishigakensis JCM 19231T; Neo, V. neonatus JCM 21521T; Rar, V. rarus LMG 23674T; and Sup, V. superstes JCM 21480T. Numbers in parentheses after abbreviations represent the total numbers of gene clusters in each species. 041b061a72


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