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Drive Predictable B2B Revenue Growth With Insig...

Organizations are always looking for revenue growth, and that need increases following a period where sales are flat or negative. Sales and marketing teams scale their efforts to accelerate growth in response to improving economic conditions through a series of specific actions.

Drive predictable B2B revenue growth with insig...

In RevOps, your goal is to provide a strategy and operational structure that makes revenue growth a predictable, repeatable process. Using the four-step method for pipeline growth shared in this guide, you can take the guesswork out of increasing your sales pipeline with high-fit target accounts.

InsightSquared provides a cloud-based revenue intelligence platform empowering revenue professionals to make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence that drives predictable growth.

Fueling the next wave of revenue and profit growth is a top priority for many sales leaders. As companies scale, however, traditional methods, such as adding more front-line sellers to expand account coverage or overlay sales capacity, often yield diminishing returns and are simply not practical in many resource-constrained industries. Sales leaders are simply expected to do more with less, in most cases.

In our experience, companies that build world-class sales-operations functions can realize one-time improvements of 20 to 30 percent in sales productivity, with sustained annual increases as high as 5 to 10 percent in some cases. Our research also shows that companies that invest one resource in sales support for every front-line sales resource drive significantly higher sales productivity than companies that invest less. Underinvesting in sales-support functions simply shifts the necessary transaction and administrative work to sellers, taking away time better spent with customers.

Getting the right talent in place with the right level of resourcing and empowerment is critical in allowing sales operations to become a trusted advisor and change leader. Often, sales operations is perceived as overhead and not resourced at the levels required to drive continuous improvement programs while simultaneously running the business. Teams are often staffed with very junior operational talent that is good at reporting and building analytical models but not at sales leadership, problem solving and advanced analytics, change management, or coaching.

Sales executives are faced with increasing demands to grow in an environment that is becoming more complex every day. As the pace of change increases, so does the need to transform and rethink current sales models, processes, structure, and talent. Companies that successfully transform are those that invest in and heavily rely on their sales-operations teams to drive change and fuel continuous sales-productivity improvement over time. Building a world-class sales-operations team requires long-term commitment, but having the right capabilities in place can drive superior sales results over time.

Yet most modern revenue teams are still missing their goals. According to a recent August 2022 Pavilion Pulse Survey, 57% of respondents mentioned that their sales-driven pipeline was lower than the target, while 59% said that their marketing-driven pipeline was lower than the target.

Get recommendations on which leads to prioritize at different stages of the funnel and diagnose what needs to be done to move leads forward in the sales cycle. Together, these insights help you improve the percentage of the pipeline driven by leads within your ideal customer profile.

Revenue operations leaders who diagnose pipeline health, uncover trends that improve lead quality, and boost pipeline coverage with end-to-end pipeline intelligence have a much greater chance of increasing revenue predictability for their organizations.

AI is a loaded acronym these days, but modern AI provides novel solutions to problems that have historically been reserved for humans. This includes everything from image recognition and segmentation models able to parse product images for defects to text analysis in deal correspondence and the accurate prediction of revenue growth.

Manufacturing enterprises in growth mode are adopting and integrating revenue operations and intelligence (RO&I) technology as the new status quo to achieve results while adding predictability and reducing risk. With machine learning surfacing predictive insights in real time, you can align your manufacturing operations with leading indicators and real sales data.These insights can help optimize your throughput and increase revenue per rep every year. To learn more about how this new category of revenue operations and intelligence can impact your business, check out how can help manufacturers accelerate digital transformation and stay ahead of change.

Today, modern B2B marketers are at an interesting crossroad: stick with outdated practices and risk becoming relegated to being a cost center or worse still, losing your job, or quickly evolve to a revenue-oriented posture. They must align their top-of-funnel strategies with bottom-of-funnel outcomes, and take ownership of what happens beyond the sales handoff.

How? B2B marketers can start with taking an end-to-end view of their pipeline efforts. That must begin by removing the guesswork from pipeline generation. Instead of using incomplete information or inaccurate assumptions as a foundation for marketing pipeline, marketers should leverage an integrated funnel to connect demand to revenue. That makes it possible to align and orient sales, marketing, and every other go-to-market team toward the same revenue goals.

In effect, this revenue-driven approach makes it possible for marketers to reverse engineer their funnels and create a repeatable blueprint to maximize pipeline performance. Standardizing the blueprint in that way cuts down on unnecessary costs, process management resources, and cross-team inefficiencies so that marketers can focus on driving revenue impact instead. CMOs that implement revenue-driven marketing will establish themselves as proven and reliable revenue-drivers within their organizations.

Bob Apollo is the Founder of UK-based Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, the B2B sales performance improvement specialists. Following a varied corporate career, Bob now works with a rapidly expanding client base of B2B-focused growth-phase technology companies, helping them to implement systematic sales processes that drive predictable revenue growth. Please follow him on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

I was introduced to CS2 by Jon Miller after his time working with them at Marketo. His recommendation was nothing short of a life saver. I partnered with the team as head of marketing, in 3 different B2B SaaS startups for marketing operations support, revenue operations reporting, martech implementation, and much more.

Based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), developed in the Segmentation part of your STP strategy, the lead researching process is about finding accounts and leads that match your ICP. If your segment is Chief Sales Officers (leads) from companies in the Consumer Goods and Retail sector with +100m EUR in revenue (accounts), your lead researching process will establish how many prospects you have and how you can get in touch with them (contact details).

The list is long. However, when you work with outbound sales your objective is to generate leads and gather insights that fuel company growth and improve your company's chances of having successful execution.

With a track record of executive sales and marketing success, Angus helps public, private, VC, and PE-backed software companies gain an edge over their competition. He connects financial and growth goals with sales velocity to deliver predictable results. His sales velocity-focused go-to-market approach aligns marketing campaigns, sales discipline, and customer advocacy to drive predictable and sustainable growth. Able to convey complex technical concepts, innovations, and solutions to customers, peers, and leadership, Angus inspires customer confidence and empowers team members to reach their highest potential.

Ed Marsh brings his experience from the military, factory floors, global markets and business management to his keynotes. Perfect for corporate and trade association events, Ed's talks unpack the important changes, highlight the impact and layout actionable steps to help companies drive consistent & predictable revenue growth.

Shift Paradigm partners with Braze to power customer-centric interactions between buyers and brands in real-time, at scale. From dynamic audiences to personalized customer journeys, the next wave of Marketing Automation platforms is upon us. Braze is leading that charge to drive growth with data-driven cross-channel solutions for our clients.

How are organizations developing, nurturing, and leveraging business relationships to drive more meaningful engagement, predictable pipeline, and consistent, reliable revenue? Get our research report created in partnership with Sigstr.

This disconnect fueled the rise for a better approach that eliminated operational silos. This need for aligning all business processes with a common objective of growing revenue gave rise to revenue operation.

Revenue operations is a new operational approach taking roots in the B2B sector that aligns marketing, sales, customer success, and software throughout the full customer lifecycle with a common objective of growing revenue.

Starting with sales ops, this is a team that undertakes several activities to aid the B2B sales process. The aim here is to raise the efficiency and productivity of sales representatives which will drive predictable revenue growth.

The improvements gained from implementing sales operations are limited to the B2B sales team. The scope of improvements possible with revenue operations is not limited to a single business function but encompasses all revenue-generating business areas. 041b061a72


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