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Surfboard Wax: A History Free Download [TOP]

I was sand skiing back in 1974 at Oceano Dunes at Pismo Beach CA. We had old junker skis with bindings and our ski boots. We free skied down the dunes as well as towed behind my 44 doing 45mph super fun! I was lucky to have taken pictures.. Today I live in Marina CA and our dunes are steep black and dbl black diamonds with 150 vertical drop. Perfect for skis or snowboard! The locals love it and they also use surfboards!

Surfboard Wax: A History free download

We had been thinking for a long time about how great it would be to build some of the most advanced surfboard shapes ever made as wood boards. We love our own shapes, but a chance to build boards designed by true icons in the history of surfboard evolution is just irresistible.


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