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Crack House Family Mumijevi Crtani

Crack House Family Mumijevi Crtani: How a Bosnian Cartoon Changed the Lives of a Family of Drug Addicts

If you think that a crack house family has no hope of escaping their addiction and misery, think again. In this article, we will tell you the amazing story of how a family of drug addicts found a new purpose and happiness with Mumijevi Crtani, a popular animated series from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What is Mumijevi Crtani?

Mumijevi Crtani is an animated series that parodies various events and people from the Balkan region. The series features the Mumijevi family, a group of mummies who live in a pyramid and have hilarious adventures with their friends and enemies. The series is known for its witty humor, absurd situations, and satirical commentary on politics, culture, and society.


The series was created by Crack House Family, a group of young artists and comedians who use their talents to make fun of the problems and stereotypes of their country. The series started as a YouTube channel in 2010, and soon gained popularity among the online audience. The series has over 100 episodes, each lasting about 10 minutes. The series has also spawned several spin-offs, such as Drogeraši (Drug Addicts), which focuses on the Mumijevi family's addiction to various substances.

How did the Crack House Family discover Mumijevi Crtani?

The Crack House Family is a nickname for a family of drug addicts who live in a dilapidated house in Sarajevo. The family consists of four members: the father, who is a former soldier and a heroin addict; the mother, who is a prostitute and a crack addict; the son, who is a dropout and a meth addict; and the daughter, who is a pregnant teenager and a cocaine addict. The family was living in misery and despair, until one day they stumbled upon a YouTube video of Mumijevi Crtani.

The video was titled "Drogeraši - Vanzemljaci (Crack House Family)", and it featured the Mumijevi family being abducted by aliens who wanted to experiment on them. The video was a parody of the Crack House Family's situation, and it made them laugh so hard that they forgot about their problems for a while. They were amazed by how the creators of the video knew so much about their lives, and how they managed to turn their tragedy into comedy.

How did Mumijevi Crtani change the Crack House Family's life?

The Crack House Family became obsessed with Mumijevi Crtani, and they started to watch every episode they could find online. They also joined the Facebook fan page of the series, where they interacted with other fans and learned more about the characters and the jokes. They realized that Mumijevi Crtani was not only funny, but also smart and insightful. They began to see their own lives from a different perspective, and they started to question their choices and actions.

The Crack House Family decided to make some changes in their life. They enrolled in a rehabilitation program, where they received counseling and treatment for their addiction. They also found new jobs and hobbies that gave them satisfaction and income. They moved out of the crack house and into a new apartment, where they decorated their walls with posters and stickers of Mumijevi Crtani. They even named their newborn baby after one of the characters from the series.

What are the benefits of watching Mumijevi Crtani?

Mumijevi Crtani is not only a source of entertainment, but also a source of inspiration and education. The series teaches valuable lessons about life, such as:

  • How to cope with stress and adversity with humor and optimism.

  • How to respect and appreciate diversity and differences among people.

  • How to be critical and aware of the social and political issues that affect our world.

  • How to be creative and express ourselves through art and culture.

  • How to be loyal and supportive of our friends and family.

Mumijevi Crtani is a cartoon that can make anyone laugh, think, and feel. It is a cartoon that can change lives, as it did for the Crack House Family. If you want to watch Mumijevi Crtani, you can find it on YouTube, TikTok, or SoundCloud. You can also follow the Crack House Family on their Facebook page, where they share their stories and updates. You might be surprised by how much you can learn from a bunch of mummies.


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