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[S1E2] Lies

In the decorative torture room, the cloaked kidnapper is restraining Erik onto the electric chair. On the old-fashioned television, H.G. Tannhaus is asking about the possibility of ever seeing what lies behind a black hole and how far scientists would go. Later, an incident costs Erik his life, burning his eyes in a similar fashion to the dead boy. The cloaked kidnapper drags his corpse through the Winden Forest at night.

[S1E2] Lies


During the mission, Harry does his best to keep his history with Ximena, a sexy cryptographer they must work with to complete the mission, away from his wife, on the CBS Original series TRUE LIES, Wednesday, March 8 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and available on the CBS app and streaming on Paramount+. s01e02 102 1.02 s1e2 true lies episode ( season 1, episode 2)

At the prison, the prisoners have the TV on in the social room. Gary and Ronnie are talking to the media about Sarah's death. Marion listens in, and walks forward when she realises who is on-screen. She is then grabbed by a mob of the prisoners and pinned down as boiling water is poured on her arm. At the pathology lab, Sam prepares for the coroner's hearing the next day. That night, she lies awake, thinking about the case. The next day in the coroner court, Sam tells the coroner that she is dissatisfied with the current circumstances surrounding Sarah's death death, and whilst cold water shock may have killed Sarah, she will not rule out the possibility of suffocation, which would give the same appearance as someone who suffered dry lung drowning from cold water shock. Sam adds that the unreported broken ribs and old wounds arouse her suspicions too, and that she does not believe the death to be accidental. The coroner asks Sam if the police investigating are aware of her suspicions, and she says they are. Tom is annoyed by Sam's verdict given the lack of evidence to prove someone killed Sarah.

The owner of a major sports franchise in Arizona is going through a messy divorce, so the Pod flies to Phoenix to help him over the rough spots. Meanwhile, Jeannie hooks up with a former flame, but cools things when she discovers his ulterior motives; and back at home, Roscoe's penchant for cross-dressing continues to ruffle feathers at school. [1] 041b061a72


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