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Serato Scratch Live Setuop

Video-SL is another very cool add-on for Scratch Live that adds the ability to mix and scratch video files during DJ sets or live performances. Video files are loaded onto the virtual deck and manipulated via vinyl or CD. Preset video transitions can be triggered manually or by using one of the various automated audio responses. Having a great live show is becoming more important than ever for both DJs and artists, but can often be a technical nightmare to achieve; Serato have made it easy.

Serato Scratch Live Setuop

It could be possible go a bit further improving the recording cappabilities of mixtape. Adding turntable vector recording (check the scratch track automation recording) or if you prefer doing it with SSL, split the turntable output and recording the serato vinyl directly alongside SSL audio from deck. Routing it properly gives you the chance of editing even scratching mistakes. Not clever solution due to lack of imagination in most DVS developers and the mantram about realdjing everytime a feature makes things easier. It could be true multritrack and gesture recording.

I have a major problem with getting my Serato SL1 box to work with Serato DJ. i have a new solid state hard drive and i lost all of my files. I dont have the original SL1 driver, and cannot find it, ive looked everywhere. What do i need to? my sl1 serato scratch live box is not working with the serato dj. thanks djs

I have a laptop running win 8.1 and i considering buying an SL1 and using it with scratch live. Why? because i am only doing this as a hobby (not making money or leaving my basement) and i want the cheapest way to a functional serato system. Is this crazy talk in mid 2018?


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