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The apostle taketh power frome all woman to speake in the assemblie[36].Ergo he permitteth no woman to rule aboue man. The former parteis euident,whereupon doth the conclusion of necessitie folowe. For he that takethfrom woman the least parte of authoritie[37],dominion or rule, will not permit vnto her that whiche is greatest: Butgreater it is to reigne aboue realmes and nations, to publish and to makelawes, and to commande men of all estates, and finallie to appoint iudgesand ministers, then to speake in the congregation. For her iudgement, sentence,or opinion proposed in the congregation, may be iudged by all, may be correctedby the learned, and reformed by the godlie. But woman being promoted insouereine authoritie, her lawes must be obeyed, her opinion folowed, andher tyrannic mainteined: supposing that it be expreslie against God, andthe prophet [profit] of the common welth, as to[o] manifest experiencedoth this day witnesse. And therfore yet againe I repete that, whiche beforeI haue affirmed: to witt, that a woman promoted to sit in the seate ofGod, that is, to teache, to iudge or to reigne aboue man, is amonstre innature, contumelie to God, and a thing most repugnant to his will and ordinance.For he hath depriued them as before is proued, of speakinge in the congregation,and hath expreslie forbidden them to vsurpe any kinde of authoritie aboueman. Howe then will he suffer them to reigne and haue empire aboue realmesand nations He will neuer, I say, approue it, because it is a thing mostrepugnant to his perfect ordinance, as after shalbe declared, and as theformer scriptures haue plainlie geuen testimonie. To the whiche, to addeany thing were superfluous, were it not that the worlde is almost nowecomen to that blindnes, that what soeuer pleaseth not the princes and themultitude, the same is reiected as doctrine newelie forged, and is condemned,for heresie. I haue therfore thoght good to recite the mindes of some auncientwriters in the same mater, to the end that suche as altogither be not blindedby the deuil, may consider and vnderstand this my iudgement to be no neweinterpretation of Goddes scriptures, but to be the vniforme consent ofthe most parte of godlie writers, since the time of the apostles. Tertullian[38]in his boke of womens apparell, after that he hath shewed many causes whygorgious apparell is abominable and odiouse in a woman, addeth these wordes,speaking as it were to euery woman by name: Dost thou not knowe (saithhe) that thou art Heua the sentence of God liueth and is effectuall againstthis kind, and in this worlde of necessity it is, that the punishment alsoliue. Thou art the porte and gate of the deuil. Thou art the first transgressorof goddes law. thou diddest persuade and easely deceiue him whome the deuildurst not assault[39].For thy merit (that is for thy death) it behoued the son of god to suffrethe death, and doth it yet abide in thy mind to decke the aboue thy skincoates By these and many other graue sentences, and quicke interrogations,did this godlie writer labour to bring euerie woman in contemplation ofher selfe, to the end that euerie one depelie weying, what sentence Godhad pronounced against the hole race and doughters of Heua, might not onelylearne daily to humble and subiect them selues in the presence of God,but also that they shulde auoide and abhorre what soeuer thing might exaltethem or puffe them vp in pride, or that might be occasion, that they shuldforget the curse and malediction of God. And what, I pray you, is moreable to cause woman to forget her owne condition, then if she be liftedvp in authoritie aboue man It is a thingverie difficile to a man, (behe neuer so constant) promoted to honors, not to be tickled some what withpride (for the winde of vaine glorie doth easelie carie vp the drie dustof the earth). But as for woman[40],it is no more possible, that she being set aloft in authoritie aboue man,shall resist the motions of pride, then it is able to the weake ree


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