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I Hate Myself Because - I Dont Dance

I feel like this is what I am going through now. A few years ago my brother died from substance abuse. There were a lot of things my brother never worked through which perpetuated his addiction and caused his death. I felt a weigh me removed from the shoulders when he died. But I realize I need to work on unresolved issues I had not (lets be real have not) let go of. When he died I lost 98lbs and I gained 24lbs back. I know I have sabotages myself but I could not figure out what it was. Also I noticed I have a hard time letting people get close to me. I figure why because they do not care about me and they are just going to let me down by leaving. I have to realize that I can not change over night and I have a the capability to change. I am not worthless or hopeless.

I Hate Myself Because - i dont dance

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U have a good hart and are very brave and strong i can tell from your story .your doing a good job and you will be fit and in shape and skinny .but remember the kind of people that treated you soo baldly avoid those kind of people and fined people that can see your hart because they will help you not procasinate you you have a good hart and remember when u do get skinny please dont turn into one of those stuck up girls because they are the ones you cant trust

as a kid this was happening to me. problem is that even as a seven year old i decided to change and manipulate myself and act and do crazy things to rationalize or stop what was happening, all of which resulted in me doing stupid embarrassing things everyday of my childhood. now i try to forget all the stupid stuff i did as a kid, but the feeling i got when i realized what i had been doing, the self loathing and disgust that i knew other people had felt and now i did, that feeling keeps sticking around. and its still happening. im still unintentionally doing stupid things. and everyone who can is still ignoring me, or laughing at me, or shoving me. people may be assholes, but im pretty much the worst asshole, because i messed myself up on purpose by changing who i was to try to appeal to everyone, and being louder so people would have to listen. now i here and i despise myself so much, and guess what? on top of that everyone is still doing the same things to me they did when i was a kid. day after day its like being suffocated by the fact that no one around you wants to notice you, and even you want to shun yourself and pick yourself last. i feel so old inside. my life hasnt even started and i feel closer to death than i should want to. im not even eighteen yet. and although i can dislike and become annoyed with others so easily, i have a respect and a fondness for them. cus they arent me. lucky bastards.

Dont worry. its normal for your age, I were like you in your age but I changed after that. You will be so successful, I am sure because you care about your succeed. I repeat it again dont worry, you will be a great man one day.

Hi m a 23 year old girl living in a conservative country. I m v beautiful n smart. I was a topper all through my life but still I feel empty. My father is n abusive husband he has aIways dominated me n my mom. My entire childhood n still I feel DT m under a house arrest. My dad has controlled my life entirely. I was never allowed to go out or even talk to my guy cousins or make male friends. I was not allowed to even look at boys directly. I never made friends n dun believe in friendship cz everybody has hated my guts I was v pretty n intelligent n won every competition of drawing studies painting or beauty etc. Which was y everyone hated me as I was perfect. Many guys now want me BT I was in 2 relationships n mind it dese r basically d only guys I hv talked to n befriended. Both of them dominated me again. They dun allow me to make friends, extremely possessive n jealous. I m marrying one if them. My dad hates me cz I crossed d line BT accepted my bf cz he is from a v good family. So u can c d contradictions. Despite being perfect m feeling d same as above people. I hate my life n myself. I have tried to commit suicide twice. I dunno what I wanna do in my life. Whatever career m pursuing its cz of d burden of being perfect. Its really boring. I always feel out of place n lonely. I think I m different n awkward. I think like a loser always as I never take compliments seriously though I hv been always getting them cz I think I dun deserve them. My bf whom I m supposed to get married to next year is a party animal n outgoing. I on d other hand m n introvert n very emotional. I dun drink or smoke hv always followed every god damn rule in my life. Everybody thinks I m boring n belong to 19 the century. I recently failed in d toughest exam of my country. M completely destroyed n I need help. Cannot go to a doctor cz I dun hv money. Plz help me.

Im 20 years old im a girl thats why i have been kept in house for years no school no college n now i am getting married i always feel that i am not perfect i hate everyone in my life i just for once want to live like other people i have been but for once i would like to have class mates wana go out now i just never get happy i beat myself n cry all the time i just dont know how to be happy

I hate myself when i saw my mother, because the longer i being at home, the more i realised that i have her character. My mother is a self centered woman who wanted to be loved and need attention all the time. Everyday I hear her nagging all the time, about how her body is not well, ask my father to massage her, about how much house work she should do everyday, and the worst is when she asked me why i am always looked sad when i am around her.

I know what you mean. But I found the worst things that leave my mouth are almost always the worst ways I feel about myself. I criticise others for the things I hate in myself or when I hate myself. And I hate myself some more for doing so.

Thank you very much we really appreciate this advice and guidancethe same thing is happening to me due to the thinking of where will I be in the next 5 yearsWill I be able to make it one day all this attitude and thinking is pushing me by hating myself.From Ghana

I hate myself because how i am if you wonder why its because im ugly and have depression bipolar and anger issues im in grade 7 and i just got myself ground for 2 months yesterday because im a idiot and started a fist fight and every time i get grounded i feel like an even bigger idiot and more useless to the world

Please do not be so self-critical Lauren. I know I am just a stranger who stumbled upon your comment, but I truly care about you. You are so young, and to be thinking all of these hateful thoughts regarding your body is so upsetting. You do not deserve to feel this way. I am so sorry people treat you cruelly just because of your appearance. I am sure you have a beautiful soul, and I am sure that will eventually shine through to people. You really do deserve so much better.Remember: You are still very young. You have your whole life ahead of you. Take little steps each day to boost your self-confidence. For instance, try to notice some of the amazing aspects of who you are. Things will get better, I promise.Sincerely,Sydney

I love to dance to keep myself in shape, for social life and for romance. Dance is a language, we tell in our movements, it is sensual, sexy and mental therapy! It keeps you young and keeps your aging bones moving so you do not need hip and knee replacements! Most of all, the energy on the dance floor is happy and addictive!

It was really nice when you explained that dancing is the medium through which the person expresses who they really are and what they can do. I guess I can agree that dancing proves how different we are considering how we have our own preferred dancing type. I prefer ballroom dance, by the way, because it seems more appealing and formal for me. That is the reason I am considering learning that instead of the modern dance.

Folks might laugh at me and think of me as a prude, but I dance because it allows me to experience intimacy. I struggle with building relationships and dancing allows me the experience of holding hands, locking eyes with someone, and an overall connection of being close to someone. I enjoy the Country dancing especially the Country 2-Step.

I Hate Myself (often stylized as i hate myself) was an American emo band formed by Jon and Jim Marburger in Gainesville, Florida, in 1996.[1][2] The band used elements of post-hardcore and indie in their songs.

I've known that I was an alcoholic since I was 17 years old. I'm 36 now. Throughout the years I've been in and out of AA with some years of sobriety in between a few months of drinking. Lately I've been drinking once a week at home (without my parents and sisters knowing) and I felt I had self-control for once in my life. I convinced myself that my previous alcoholic tendencies were a thing of the past. It's probably because I'd mainly drink beer and would only buy 4-5 cans and that would be enough. I'd just eat food right after and then go to bed. However, during the past three weeks I've been adding hard liquor like rum and the past couple of nights I finally lost control. On Sunday, after a get together with some friends (without drinking because my sister was there), on my way home I then went to a liquor store and bought a small bottle of rum. When I got home I drank, listened to music and then became so drunk that I made an ass of myself on the Twitch chat, asking if the host thought I was pretty (my god!). I always had this thing about not feeling pretty enough because my sisters look like models. Anyway, I drank at 10pm, ended at 6am and then woke up at 3pm. I woke up with a slight hangover and decided to go to a bar for one Bloody Mary for my hangover. Welp, it didn't end there! I then drank a Margarita, a Corona, a Negroni, and then a Manhattan. Before I knew it my speech was so slurred I could barely talk to the other bar patrons. They were very patient with me but also looked at me with concern. I was aware of how drunk I was but no coherent sentence would come out. I then decided to walk across the street to a Latin bar/restaurant to get some food and more alcohol. I was the only woman there besides the waitresses. I totally lost control. I invited this homeless looking guy to sit with me so I could pay for his dinner. I remember saying to one guy, "God bless your mom." Most of the guys probably felt pity for me. And then I remember talking to this guy who so happened to be friends with a family friend of mine but he was more than 20 years older than me. I could barely talk but he started touching my private area and made out with me and I tried pulling away. He even said that I'm not pretty but I'm not ugly either (I probably asked him if he thought I was pretty.) But for some reason after the restaurant closed I gave him a lift to his house. I'm so ashamed that I drove drunk on top of it all. I think I was supposed to go over that guy's house but thank god he was so fed up with my drunkenness that he hopped out of my car. I'm thankful that I snapped out of my drunken stupor enough to drive home safely, but still! I woke up a few hours later and I realized I lost my glasses and I woke up with a cold sore on my lip! I feel so ashamed and dirty. I haven't bar drank or have been physical with a guy in over three years. I felt so down and hungover that when I was buying new glasses the workers asked if I was ok. I know I can't continue on like this and I know I will get through this embarrassing event because I've been there a thousand times before. I'm just sad that I'm 36 and still haven't grown out of this behavior. My twin has been sober since she was 24 but for some reason I just can't get it. 041b061a72


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