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BIA - LONDON (Official Music Video) Ft. J. Cole [PATCHED]

The music video was directed by Daps and filmed in London. In the clip, Bia shops in luxury stores of the city, parades down a sidewalk flanked by two Dalmatians, and has a tea party.[4][6] After that, she cruises down the River Thames on a speedboat with J. Cole,[6][7] who also gets his height measured while hanging upside down.[8] The video features appearances of landmarks such as the Big Ben,[3] as well as cameos from British rapper Unknown T and British model Leomie Anderson.[5]

BIA - LONDON (Official Music Video) ft. J. Cole

The Daps-directed music video for the track was aptly filmed across the pond, with England cultural landmarks like Big Ben making an appearance, while Cole name-drops Heathrow Airport and the O2 Arena.

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