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Travian Silver Panel

The URL of the map is (replace xy by the number of your server). You can enter various parameters on the map. All parameters can be combined.

Travian Silver Panel

How can I set marks on the map?You can set 3 types of marks on the map: 1. You can mark alliances 2. You can mark players 3. You can set flags to mark spots on the mapTo set marks you need to open the map first. Down in the right corner, you will find the panel "Outline". Open it by clicking on the arrows pointing to the right (>>).Now you see the 3 options: - Alliance + - Players + - Flags +If you click on the "+" on either of those 3 options, you can mark a player, an alliance (all members of the alliance) or a spot on the map. Alternatively you can right click on a place on the map and choose one of the options which pop up there.

How can I remove my marks set on the map?Open the map.Open the "Outline" panel if not already opened.Click on the double arrow (">>") of the mark type you want to remove (alliance, player or flag).Now click on the "x" on the right side of the marking/flag you want to remove.

How to do this task: There are two ways, how to join an alliance. You can either get an invitation from some alliance leader or establish your own alliance. If there's an invitation, you should be able to see it in the left middle panel displayed bellow hero's information. If you want to create your own alliance, you will need Embassy level 3. If you have it, open the Embassy, fill out the Tag, which is sort of a shortcut to your Alliance name, which is filled bellow. 350c69d7ab


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