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Ps4 Dev Kit Buy

Seems Sony still has the lead on indie developers supporting its new system with games while Micrsoft keeps reversing policies to play catch up. Of course the support Sony has given small developers in recent years also helps the relationships while more and more teams swear off Xbox Live Arcade. Hopefully Microsoft is learning from the bridges its burnt.

ps4 dev kit buy

Bankruptcy auctions don't usually get much publicity, and that's exactly how potential bidders like it, especially when the auction is for a defunct games development studio. And the pick of the spoils from a recent United Front Games (UFG) bankruptcy sell off is a PS4 development kit with a hard drive full of data.

UFG was a Canadian games developer based in Vancouver, which sadly closed its doors back in October just shy of celebrating a decade of making games. UFG had a great track record, developing ModNation Racers, Sleeping Dogs, LittleBigPlanet Karting, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and Marvel Battlegrounds. Two further games were also developed there: Smash+Grab and Triad Wars, but never saw a release.

One of the items sold off in the UFG auction was a PS4 Neo development kit, with the Neo signifying it included the hardware necessary to create and test games for the higher performing PS4 Pro. The lucky winner is Reddit user kaneda2004 who discovered 800GB of encrypted data on the hard drive.

As Kotaku explains, on Sony's dev kits, the data only remains accessible if a deveoper license is maintained on the device. This license needs renewing every 90 days, which is why the data is currently inaccessible. However, kaneda2004 has been in contact with forum members at Assembler Games and work is now underway to try and unencrypt the data.

I suspect what they will find is a mix of data relating to previously released titles on Sony platforms which were potentially getting a PS4 Pro upgrade patch. The data may uncover a new game we haven't heard about before, but I won't be holding my breath for a major discovery.

PlayStation is kicking off a new initiative that allows publishers and developers in most regions of the world to receive both a complementary PS5 development kit (dev kit), as well as a PS5 testing kit to assist with their game-making endeavours. The company says it is attempting to lower the barrier of entry for independent game developers hoping to publish their work on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

The kits will be provided on the basis of a loan, and countries included in the rollout for this new program include the US and Canada, Europe and the UK, Australia and New Zealand, as well as most of Asia.

To be eligible, prospective developers or publishers will need to register as a partner on the PlayStation Partner website. Applicants must be a legal entity such as a corporation or company. In Europe, applications from sole traders are also accepted.

The PlayStation Development Hardware Loan Program finally puts the company in line with the protocol already in place by Microsoft. Developers who wish to publish games on Xbox consoles can already receive two console dev kits free of charge.

Many independent games are primarily designed with the PC platform as first priority, and given the large similarities between the Windows and Xbox console environments, we understand that the process of ensuring a game can run on an Xbox console is relatively straightforward.

The dev kit itself costs about $2,500, but Sony is loaning them out for free for a period of one year, according to the company's "Become a Registered Developer" website. Various development sources in the article said that no dev kits have been sold as of yet. "All the indies I know got them for free," said one developer. "Sony has been amazing about kits and development thus far." Another developer stated that the company is "handing them out like candy."

A Sony spokesperson pointed out that the act of self-publishing was available on PlayStation platforms for over five years. "With self-publishing, we keep things really flexible for developers and give them lots of options, including funding through the Pub Fund, which is back-end funding paid upon completion of the game, we waive patch fees for indies and all digital titles and we embrace new business models like F2P, episodic, and subscriptions. We've had more than 500 games self-published on PSN."

Previously, PlayStation 3 dev kits cost between $1,000 and $10,000 with different levels of debug functionality and pricing. Sony will not be changing its self-publishing processes at this point in time.

It looks like the Orbis will be based on an AMD A10 APU series, with the aim of providing seamless 1080p60 3D games. The user interface is also said to be due a facelift, while products and software updates will be able to be downloaded in the background.

Although this $2,500 price is being cited in development circles, the game-makers we spoke to all said that Sony had lent them dev kits for a limited period of one year, for free. As of right now, there are no dev kits being sold. Sony is sending whatever it has available to favored developers. "All the indies I know got them for free," said one developer. "Sony has been amazing about kits and development thus far."

Also think about the fact that these Devkits have no restrictions whatsoever while the "Cheap" and not "real" Xbox One dev kit has a lot of restrictions and they need to pay MS a not told fee as well.

While I do not know Mr. darji's post history, I feel the fact that many developers came out and criticize MS for dishonesty in their marketing speak is very valid. Many have publish on arcade and some still have upcoming game coming and they still slam MS. MS announcing self publishing is great but almost instantly devs are going on twitter claiming there are more to this story. This is not hate or "Sony fanboy". This is a company that have lost A LOT of faith with their audience and also potential partners.

Dude, I'm as down on MS for their shady shit as you are, but calling the ability to develop on a standard XOne a not "real" dev kit is just nonsense. There will still be fully featured boxes for big companies, sure, but the fact that I alone in my apartment can still make a game for a console is a benefit. I'm not missing out on anything.

@joshwent: If you only have 3 GB like it is rumored to your free use and not full access to the system itself it is very limited and more like XNA 2.0. So yeah I will not call this the real devkit at all.

With Sony it might be more expensive but first of all it is a true devkit with full access to everything and Sony is loaning as much they can. A ton of Indy developers already gotten one for free or at least free for a year.

Also many people already noting that MS is not telling the whole truth to all of this. It is looking more like a PR move nothing else. Also it is not available at day one or even before but more like a year later.

Also, this indie thing is getting out of hand. I love indies, but I'm buying a next gen console for the likes of Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games. I got a PC that'll play indies, and I got like 400 of them on my Steam account that I bought on sale and haven't touched with the exception of a few standouts like Don't Starve, Gun Monkeys, and GunPoint.

This anti microsoft stuff is getting out of hand, it's just tiresome. I'm going for a Ps4 and not a X1, but I do not understand the crusade of some people. I don't like the word fanboy, but I do understand why some are being labeled as such.

UPDATE #2: After the dust has settled on Microsoft's latest policy change, Retro City Rampage developer Brian Provinciano has offered hints that all may not be quite as good as it seems.

"This is yet another example of them changing policy, but it sounding better than it is when the whole story is revealed," Provinciano told Engadget. "Make no mistake; while this is a great thing, it's again not the equivalent to what other platforms offer."

"On PS4, for example, developers can tap right into the system; use every bit of RAM and all of its power. Indies have access to everything that the AAA studios do, from platform support to development and release. The indication on Xbox One is that it's essentially XBLIG 2.0. Instead of XNA, it's Windows 8. Windows 8, which is already struggling to gain developer interest, will gain a boost from developers wishing to target the console. However, it won't be as full-fledged as published games on the system."

"After my experience working with them to release on Xbox 360, I have no interest in even buying an Xbox One, let alone developing for it. The policy changes are great, but they don't undo the experience I had. I'm not ready to forget what I went through. Working with Microsoft was the unhappiest point of my career. Policies are one thing, but developer relations are another.

Since this isn't going to be ready until quite a bit after launch, MS could change any aspect about this already vague announcement, for better or worse, at any given time. I don't plan to buy an Xbox One at launch anyway, so I'll just wait and see how this all works once it has actually materialized.

I think this is just a win-win situation for consumers. Sony has shown they're serious about catering to indies, up to this point better and more transparently than Microsoft. Now to compete with Sony Microsoft will need to show that they care about indies as well, even more. Either way there's some good competition going on here and I think both consoles will be very good for indies next gen. I'm putting my money on Sony atm, but Microsoft can certainly turn that around. 041b061a72


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