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Structural Geology Haakon Fossen Pdf Free WORK Download

Furthermore, we often need to know the geomorphological context of a geologic structure in order to understand it correctly. Thus, a good technical map is vital, because structure and morphology are closely related in most areas of the world. Lastly, for structural geology the major problem remains the quality of the original data, which has not improved much over time, and remains, for the most part, in a state of disarray. To make matters worse, very few researchers in Brazil actually appreciate the value of good geologic mapping and field mapping. The consequences are that there are plenty of old core areas that no longer have any level structures and, paradoxically, abundant data on the geology, whereas in many places where data were taken out of archives and mapped again, it was not necessary, and certainly not encouraged to do so. This lack of care is not entirely the fault of authors, but a larger problem of the funding agencies that are supposed to stimulate and organize the research. While Brazilians are very keen to publish, they are not always aware of the need to make their own geologic maps and data sets, and thus produce adequate and quality maps.

Structural Geology Haakon Fossen Pdf Free Download

This report is limited to high-yield parts of the sedimentary strata near or directly underlying the area of interest. Thus, some of the details of the Middle Cambrian system of Alabama have not been considered in this report. However, similar parts of the Middle Cambrian system can be found in the middle coastal plain of North America. Many examples of the structural geology of the Middle Cambrian strata have already been published and are available. 'Structural geology of the Middle Cambrian systems of South Africa, India and Mexico are also well documented in the published literature.


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