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Accounting Software With Source Code Visual Basic


Accounting Software With Source Code Visual Basic

Developed using 100% Microsoft technology, TRAVERSE features excellentperformance and complete integration with Microsoft Office and BackOfficeproducts. Customization is easy and economical thanks to the Visual Basic forApplications source code that is available for the entire suite of accounting modules.

Akaunting aims to remove the stigma of open source software being difficult to use, claiming to get users up and running and fully functional in less than five minutes. Users can download the main accounting core, which includes all the standard accounting features small businesses will need, and add optional features as app downloads. Some of these optional apps include contract management, documents management, white label customization, and some integrations are paid.

STFB Inc. is the developer of Integral Accounting Pro v3.1, a complete accounting system for Visual Basic 6.0 using SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2005 Express Databases. The complete source code is included with the package. Full Distribution Rights are also included with the package, you can modify & customize it to meet your customers needs and resell it to them, or, you can integrate it with your custom solution and resell it. This is great if you have a specialized Visual Basic based system that needs to include accounting functionality. You also receive electronic copies of the documentation with the package, with full rights to modify and redistribute the documentation along with the software to your customers. Integral Accounting Pro only uses Active X Controls and add-ins that come with the Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Package. This is so there are no licensing and distribution problems between STFB Inc, the control manufacturers, and you, the end user who also wants to re-distribute the custom application.

A model is a group of elements, such as metadata and source files, that typically constitute a distributable software solution and includes customizations of an existing solution. A model is a design-time concept, for example a warehouse management model or a project accounting model. A model always belongs to a package. A package is a deployment and compilation unit of one or more models. It includes model metadata, binaries, and other associated resources. One or more packages can be packaged into a deployable package, which is the vehicle used for deployment on runtime environments.

We are looking for quick basic decompiler. The program is very old, written in DOS now we wish to enhance that code in Windows with additional functionalities. Unfortunately the developer is not traceable and only hope is decompilation.

If such a decompiler did exist and was available, anyone could use it to decompile any executable program produced in the language the decompiler was designed for. For instance, if a Microsoft BASIC decompiler existed, anyone with that decompiler could use it on an executable that you had produced and from that executable obtain a copy of your source code. The source code to any program you wrote in Microsoft BASIC would be available to anyone with the decompiler. Few developers of commercial software would want to use a language product that could be deciphered, thus allowing others to obtain their source code.

I can tell you as a BASIC software developer for nearly all of my career that this is not what you want. When it came time to "port" my accounting software from DOS BASIC to Visual BASIC having the source code and a complete understanding of the code, since it was my own code, did not help in the least. It may be an over-used expression, but DOS and Windows are apples and oranges. You cannot simply convert the code, you must redesign and code the system.

All you need to do that is what you already have - a working version of the compiled code. Use it's screens to design your databases and screens in Windows, then write the underlying code. The desi


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