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Across The Line [hacked]

Twitter is not opposed to hacked materials and Facebook is not opposed to dubiously sourced stories. They are opposed to such things only when such stories anger powerful factions. When those power centers are the ones disseminating such stories, they will continue to have free rein to do so.

Across The Line [hacked]

Repositioning cruises occur when cruise lines relocate their ships from one region of the world to another, based on seasonal changes and travel trends. And we firmly believe they are the best travel value in the world.

So prices drop, sometimes dramatically. We once even scored a two-week repositioning cruise across the Atlantic for only $159. That breaks down to about $12/day for a luxury cruise across the Atlantic!

With most things travel-related, we often advocate booking directly with the travel company to get the best price. Middlemen can take a cut and inflate travel prices. But this is absolutely NOT the case when booking a cruise. We always suggest booking with a third-party instead of the cruise line directly. In doing so, cruise agencies can frequently find perks, promotions, and occasionally even lower prices.

Sometimes 3rd party travel agencies buy a block of cabins that they resell. If the agencies feel the need to unload them, they can be aggressive with pricing and promotions that can beat what the cruise line is directly offering.

For example, we regularly book our cruises on CruiseDirect and score some great perks with them. Most of the deals we previously mentioned were booked with them. Usually, they have the lowest prices, which can be comparable across other agencies or booking directly with the cruise line. But they regularly throw in additional perks that we rarely see when booking directly with the cruise line.

On our last cruise, we simply got a $100 onboard credit that the cruise line and no other agencies were offering. Another revent cruise, we received an included drink package and wifi package. Whatever the case, these promos were only available through the third party and not offered directly with the cruise line, even though the price was the same.

Yet this special Cruise Power Strip solves that issue, as it is a power strip that was designed specifically to be compliant with all the major cruise lines. Power strips with built surge protectors or extension cords are what poses an issue. When such power strips are found in luggage by security, they get confiscated during the cruise. So this Ship-Approved Power Strip excludes extension cords and a surge protector to become a completely permissible devise to plug into the outlets of all the major cruise lines.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to hack the cruise wifi network to get free wifi on a cruise. But there are easy ways to exploit cruise wifi, extend it, connect multiple devices to the same account, and even get a wee bit of free wifi on certain cruise lines.

Also, before booking a cruise, keep an eye out for promotions that may even include a free wifi package. Free wifi on cruises is becoming a more common promotion that cruise lines are offering to tempt you to book.

The buffets are arguably one of the easiest places to spread germs on a cruise and hence the place to be most vigilant in prevention. At the entrance to buffets, cruises have hand sanitizing stations for passengers to clean their germ-ridden hands before reaching for the tongs. The problem is that hand sanitizer only lasts for a minute or two. So all the passengers who touch their hands to their face or cough, then return to the buffet for seconds, are infecting the entire buffet line.

As of 2020, Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, and Disney all still offer a nice room service menu that is free. After briefly disappearing in 2019, even Carnival has brought back free room service to passengers now in 2020. Throughout each of these cruise lines, some premium items (perhaps a steak) may have a small charge. But menu items like sandwiches, salads, burgers, pizza, etc are often available free of charge. Desserts too!

Do check to confirm if your cruise has complimentary room service. Or just look for the menu in your stateroom. Note that Royal Caribbean and Norwegian do not offer free room service on their cruises. Yet even those two cruise lines still offer some limited cold breakfast offerings and coffee as a complimentary room service options in the morning hours.

With all that eating, it may be worth watching your weight and burning a few calories. Between those decadent desserts and the midnight buffet, you may worry about your waistline expanding during all those wonderfully gluttonous meals at sea.

Note for 2020: Although we have successfully used this casino cruise hack many times and on many cruise lines to turn onboard credit into cash, some cruises are beginning to catch onto this trick. During our last Holland America cruise, our onboard credit was marked as not usable in the casino. So just be forewarned that while this can indeed be an effective tactic, it may not always be possible.

I would like to find out which cruise lines have it so you never have to get all dressed up for dinner. We are more simplistic and would like to keep everything very casual. Thank you for any input you may have.

We have been on many cruises and developed some of these same hacks over the years. I so much appreciate having them all in one place and more than we came up with! We are going on a family reunion cruise and I will definitely share this with them. I also have a travel group that follows me, and so I will share with them, hoping they will also follow you. The only thing I can add has to do with how we pack. You know those plastic covers that pillowcases, sheets and blankets come in? They make excellent packing cases for travel. Some have zippers. I pack like things in a case, then pull out the case and throw it into a drawer when we arrive on the ship. Also, cruise ships usually offer discounts on laundry. With two of us in the room, we each get a discount bag and send our laundry down twice during the cruise. That way we pack less. Consider the cost of an extra bag is usually 25+ on an airline. With the discount, cruise laundry is usually $20 a bag, and we can really stuff that bag. Of course you can always do your own laundry on most ships.

When we cruise, it is always more economical to find a local when at port and book a cruise with them. The prices are always way less expensive than going directly thru the cruise line. We visited Roatan and saved over 70% by using local tours. Common sense goes a long way when wandering around in another country. Just be respectful and mindful of your surroundings and have fun.

Two Queens men conspired with Russian computer whizzes to hack the taxi dispatch system at JFK Airport in a scheme that allowed drivers to skip to the front of the pick-up line, federal prosecutors charged Tuesday.

Daniel Abayev and Peter Leyman, both 48, first successfully hacked the dispatch system in 2019 with the help of other unnamed associates, some of them Russian nationals, according to an indictment filed in the Southern District of New York.

There are a few ways you can utilize your smartphone to help you continuously redial a busy phone line, depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android phone. Both devices have a baked-in feature that makes redialing much easier, but they also have their own unique methods for making the process a bit more automated. The best ways would likely be jailbreak tweaks and root mods, but there doesn't seem to be any good Android ones in development just yet.

If you have experience with landline phones, you might know that there's a simple way to achieve this. It's called "continuous redial," and simply entering a code (*66) after a busy signal will tell the line to keep redialing each time a call fails. A simple three-presses of *86 then stops continuous redial. Problem solved, right?

What does a speed dial shortcut do? Essentially, it allows you to place a call instantly with just the tap of a button. Instead of needing to tap the call button twice or go through your contacts to find the number, a simple setup can ensure a one-tap solution each time a call to your desired line fails.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, there's a tweak for iOS that can make the redialing process much easier than the other iOS options above. The tweak is called AutoRedial, and it does cost $1.49, but it's well worth it if you can't get through to a real person on a line after days of trying. To see how it works and how to install it, check out Amboy's full guide on the AutoRedial tweak.

Curl - The line of travel the stone takes after delivery. A stone will seldom travel along the sheet in a straight line, unless it travels along a run or a fall. Generally stones curl more with less weight and less with more weight.

There were already miles of barbed wire fences strung as property lines and pasture dividers throughout the expanse of the United States, from the Great Plains to the Midwest and Southwest. Turning them into telephone lines turned out to be a relatively straightforward process.

Typically, a smooth wire was strung from a telephone in a house or barn to a barbed wire fence. From there, it hooked into the top strand of barbed wire (most fences had at least three strands) and the telephone signal would follow the length of the wire to a second telephone that was connected to the barbed wire down the line. Sometimes as many as 20 or more telephones at various rural homes were connected onto a single barbed-wire system.

Having that cell phone in your pocket or purse is like having a computer with you 24/7. That convenience has led many people to use them for everything including banking, online purchases, checking email and even entertainment.


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