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Asking for help,I have installed cccam_install_package the Instructions that cam took the forum from youknowhoo and all I consumed 100% by uvom instructions, the problem is that I do not see cccamlog cccam.check, key update, configupdate.log, when you start to say hand on putyy this command / var / script / then see the log file in var / cccamlog. Many times I start the server is the same problem. I use Ubuntu 8.04

Descargar SERVIDOR CCCAM txt


thenk you for help,i install fresh auto install cccam package from your link, only this auto install script have error in oscam section bicome link for auto install not work,and this cection i install manual.script for cccamcheck work ok, only i not see logo for update script. and userbeckup script,

Por otro lado, el pilar en el que nos vamos a centrar en esta ocasión, las líneas CCcam. Estas líneas conectan a nuestro decodificador con unos servidores vía internet, que son los que tienen llaves para desbloquear la señal de los canales codificados. 041b061a72


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