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Ibanez Guitar Serial Numbers Search


Some serial numbers may be incorrect. On guitars, the serial number is usually located on the headstock. It appears in the top corner and is labeled 12-24. Sometimes, the serial number is also located on a tag in the body. You can see this on some Ibanez guitars on this page.

To see the full list of serial numbers for your guitar enter it in the form above and see if any match. If you find your serial number on this page, it has probably been used for a new guitar. If you think yours might be on this page you need to contact an Ibanez dealer to find out.

While more reliable serial numbers are set in stone, there are still many ways to cheat if you want to get a cheap Ibanez. Many of the legendary Japanese guitars were produced with their own mark and sold as brand name. CZ, GZ, and KH are famous brands. Many of these are now rare, but if you want to find an affordable Ibanez some you can get these used. Some replacement parts are also marked with the name of the factory they were produced in.

It is possible to have a guitar that was built prior to the 1997-1998 period with serial numbers that start with a Z (2007-2009). The following serial numbers were manufactured from 1999-2002. The Z denotes the year of manufacture.

If you find your serial number listed on one of these pages, it is probably a valid serial number. On this page however we have a much smaller number of serial numbers than the other sites. If it is not on this page, we have probably skipped it.

There is no way to tell what factory it was made in. Ibanez does have a centralized system for tracking which factory produced what, but it does not currently follow the serial numbering system.

If you can find a label of the factory, that may help you narrow your search. You can click on the image at the top of this page to view a larger image and find out what factory made this guitar.

It is pretty easy to spot a World model. This guitar has a neck profile that is the same as the IBZW. It has the same very white and large headstock. The body shape is also very similar. Ibanez has a few guitars that are very similar to the World model. This one is a bit different. It has a slightly more pointed headstock, a more tapered body, and a bit of lighter wood coloring.

If you find yourself unable to locate the model or factory, you can contact Joe at to ask for an appointment. He may be able to help, but you should know that he will not be able to locate your guitar. He can help you with determining if this is a World or Asian model.

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