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((FREE)) The Book Wings By Christopher Myers ##TOP##

InWings his newest effort, Myers wanted "to create a book that tells kids never to abandon the things that make them different, to be proud of what makes them unique." He believes that every child has their own beauty and talents. As Myers continues to write and develop stories that combine his message of empowerment with the art of his beautiful illustrations, our children will be well served. Standing firm on the conscious thought guiding his work,Wings offers a thought-provoking story to which all children can relate. Myers introduces Ikarus Jackson, the new boy on the block. Ikarus has wings and can fly above the rooftops. Ikarus displays great pride in his wings until the staring, snickering and giggles spread across the playground. Ikarus' story explores the feelings of loneliness that occur when our differences are pointed out in a negative way and offers a profound lesson about differences and individuality. Share this lesson with your children, and encourage them, as Myers hopes, "to find their own wings and soar with him."

((FREE)) The Book Wings By Christopher Myers

source: bush, elizabeth. review of a time to love: stories from the old testament, by walter dean myers, illustrated by christopher myers. bulletin of the center for children's books 57, no. 1 (september 2003): 26.


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