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Between Worlds - Vite Parallele

Gratiolet opens his preface with the aphorism: "Il est dangereux dansles sciences de conclure trop vite." I fear he must have forgottenthis sound maxim by the time he had reached the discussion of thedifferences between men and apes, in the body of his work. No doubt,the excellent author of one of the most remarkable contributions to thejust understanding of the mammalian brain which has ever been made,would have been the first to admit the insufficiency of his data had helived to profit by the advance of inquiry. The misfortune is that hisconclusions have been employed by persons incompetent to appreciatetheir foundation, as arguments in favour of obscurantism. (80. Forexample, M. l'Abbe Lecomte in his terrible pamphlet, 'Le Darwinisme etl'origine de l'Homme,' 1873.)

Between Worlds - Vite parallele




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