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PATCHED AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.60.1314 Beta(Murlok)

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PATCHED AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.60.1314 Beta(Murlok)

PATCHED AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.60.1314 Beta(Murlok): A Comprehensive System Diagnostic Tool

AIDA64 Extreme Edition is a popular system diagnostic tool that provides detailed information about the hardware and software components of your computer. It can also perform benchmarks, monitor sensors, and generate reports.

The latest version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition is 1.60.1314 Beta, which was released on September 22, 2022 by Murlok, a well-known software cracker. This version is patched, meaning that it has been modified to bypass the license verification and activation process, allowing you to use it for free without any limitations.

Some of the new features and improvements in this version are:

Support for Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge 93

Support for AMD Ryzen 5000G and Intel Alder Lake processors

Support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series and AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards

Improved hardware monitoring and fan control

Enhanced sensor graphs and statistics

Fixed bugs and compatibility issues

If you want to download and install PATCHED AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.60.1314 Beta(Murlok), you can find it on various torrent sites or file-sharing platforms. However, be aware that using cracked software may pose security risks and legal consequences, so proceed at your own discretion.

To use AIDA64 Extreme Edition to test your system performance, you can follow these steps:

Launch the program and click on the Tools menu.

Select the Benchmark option and choose the type of test you want to run, such as CPU, Memory, Disk, or Graphics.

Click on the Start button and wait for the test to complete.

View the results and compare them with other systems or previous tests.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition also allows you to customize the test settings, such as the duration, the workload, and the output format. You can also save, export, or print the results for further analysis.

Some of the alternatives to AIDA64 Extreme Edition are:

CPU-Z: A lightweight and free tool that displays information about your CPU, motherboard, memory, and graphics card.

HWiNFO: A comprehensive and free tool that monitors your system's hardware components, sensors, and performance.

Speccy: A simple and free tool that shows a summary of your system's specifications and temperature.

SiSoftware Sandra: A professional and paid tool that offers a variety of benchmarks, diagnostics, and analysis tools for your system.

One of the advantages of AIDA64 Extreme Edition is that it supports a wide range of hardware devices and platforms, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and embedded systems. It can also detect and identify unknown devices and provide detailed information about their drivers and firmware.

Another advantage of AIDA64 Extreme Edition is that it has a user-friendly and customizable interface that allows you to access and display the information you need. You can also use the built-in report wizard to create and share professional-looking reports with your clients or colleagues.

However, AIDA64 Extreme Edition also has some drawbacks, such as its high price, its large size, and its frequent updates. Moreover, some users may find it too complex or overwhelming for their needs, especially if they are not familiar with technical terms and concepts. 061ffe29dd


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