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i still have the ps3 and i'm thinking about selling it. i have been thinking of selling my ps3 for awhile now and i found that there are many sites like tictail, mega, etc. that have ps3 games, consoles, and movie downloaders. but what i'm wondering is if psn is going to be discontinued could someone tell me whether psn is going to be discontinued and if so, how can i do it

the game that you see in the pictures is monster hunter world. it was quite fun to play with friends. although the graphics looks like outdated graphics, the game is fully playable. i just don't want to spend more money on it. i don't remember how much i spent on the game, but it was not that much. after playing the game with friends, everyone had some fun together. especially the blu-ray copy that i gave my friend was a great gift to her. it took a lot of fun to play. it's great to play in a multiplayer environment. although i do not have any ps3. i think i will not mind using a shared ps4 or a steam account. one of my friends recently got a playstation 4. i have not heard of this game, but it looked like a good game. there were several people in this game, and i had a lot of fun playing with them. i have also been planning to buy this game in the future. i am not sure how much i can afford to spend. 3d9ccd7d82


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