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Grand Theft Auto Criminal Russia GTA San Andreas Mod PC 1

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Grand Theft Auto Criminal Russia: A Mod That Brings Russian Cities to GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto Criminal Russia is a mod for GTA San Andreas that adds five new Russian cities to the game, each with its own storyline, atmosphere and features. The mod was created by a team of five modding groups, who revived the original Criminal Russia mod from 2006 and developed it further.

The mod takes place in 2008, and follows the protagonist Alexander (nicknamed Sly), who gets involved in the criminal history of Russia and tries to get out of it in the best traditions of GTA. The mod aims to create a realistic and detailed representation of Russia, with many new interactive elements, such as trains, trams, trolleybuses, shops, restaurants, banks, ATMs, gas stations, car dealerships and more.

The mod also features new weapons, vehicles, skins, sounds, music, radio stations, missions, cutscenes and animations. The mod is currently in beta version (build 003) and is actively being developed, with the next beta version planned for late spring 2009. The full mod is expected to be released in 2012.

To download and install the mod, visit the official website at or the Mod DB page at You will need a clean copy of GTA San Andreas and a mod installer such as SAMI or IMG Tool.

If you are a fan of GTA and want to experience a different and immersive setting, Grand Theft Auto Criminal Russia is a mod worth checking out.

The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto Criminal Russia is similar to that of GTA San Andreas, but with some new features and improvements. The player can explore the five Russian cities, each with its own unique style and atmosphere, and complete various missions and side activities. The player can also interact with many new objects and NPCs, such as buying food and drinks, using ATMs and banks, refueling cars, repairing vehicles, tuning cars, buying weapons and clothes, and more.

The mod also introduces new gameplay mechanics, such as a hunger system, a stamina system, a reputation system, a wanted system, a phone system, a train system, and a weather system. The hunger system requires the player to eat regularly to avoid losing health and stamina. The stamina system affects the player's ability to run, swim and fight. The reputation system affects how the player is treated by different factions and gangs. The wanted system is more realistic and dynamic, with different levels of police response depending on the crime. The phone system allows the player to receive calls and messages from other characters, as well as access various functions such as saving the game, changing the radio station, checking the map, etc. The train system allows the player to travel between cities by using trains, trams and trolleybuses. The weather system changes the weather conditions according to the time of day and season.

The mod also features new graphics and sound effects, such as improved textures, models, lighting, shadows, reflections, water effects, particle effects, fire effects, blood effects, etc. The mod also adds new sounds for weapons, vehicles, pedestrians, radio stations, etc. The mod also includes new music for the radio stations, as well as original songs composed by Russian artists. 061ffe29dd


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