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Don 39;t Hold Your Breath LeRoy French


Don 39;t Hold Your Breath LeRoy French

On the evening of the closing day of the trials, the exhausted chefs headed to the Amway Grand Plaze for the award ceremony. With everyone in the room holding their breath, Team USA was announced. Olivier Saintemarie was selected for chocolate, and Nicolas Chevrieux clinched the sugar spot with his piece containing nearly 1000 individual pieces. The two joined their third teammate Victor Dagatan who had already been selected as the ice sculptor for team USA.

The Chem-Barons hold their assembly: Finn, Smeech, Chross, Renni, and Margot. Finn bemoans that with the border shut down, the Barons are bleeding money, and he decries Silco for "losing control." Finally, Silco arrives with Sevika. Finn and the others question him, suggesting that they cut a deal with Topsiders and return the gemstone. In response, Sevika dons a gas mask, turns off the ceiling fan, and drops a metal tank which begins filling the room with an invisible gas. The other Barons begin coughing and choking, but Silco seems immune to its effects as he distributes gas masks to everyone except Finn. He lectures the Barons, reminding them that the undercity had nothing before he "gave them a taste of Topside." Eventually, Finn collapses on the floor, begging Silco for the final mask. Silco takes a deep breath through the mask before finally bequeathing it to Finn. At last, Sevika restarts the ceiling fan and swings the doors open, airing out the room. Having made his point, Silco takes his leave. 153554b96e


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