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Defendant operates a business known as Promo Graphics, Inc. (Promo Graphics), which creates designs and prints them on t-shirts. Plaintiffs allege that through Promo Graphics, defendant unlawfully duplicated plaintiffs' federally protected designs and subsequently sold t-shirts and other items bearing the designs to the public. The Sheriff of Seminole County Florida (Sheriff) informed *381 plaintiffs that he had received a tip that defendant was manufacturing and selling counterfeit copies of plaintiffs' property. The tip came from a private investigator employed by copyright and trademark owners, other than plaintiffs, who suspected that Promo Graphics was infringing on their rights. After the private investigator witnessed defendant selling counterfeit merchandise, the investigator contacted the Sheriff to obtain a search and seizure warrant for the Promo Graphics premises. A deputy sheriff executed the warrant and seized numerous items which confirmed that defendant was selling counterfeit merchandise. The State of Florida brought criminal charges against defendant, who pleaded "no contest" to a theft charge. Further, in individual affidavits, three former employees of Promo Graphics state that defendant ordered his employees to recreate plaintiffs' copyrighted or trademarked properties in large quantities.

To prove the second and third elements, plaintiffs submit the unrefuted affidavits of three former employees of Promo Graphics which establish that defendant ordered his employees to duplicate plaintiffs' protected logos so that defendant could apply the logos to various articles, principally t-shirts, and sell the articles to the public as if the logos were genuine. Trademark infringement is a tort and any member of the distribution chain is liable as a joint tort-feasor. See, e.g., Costello Publishing Co. v. Rotelle, 670 F.2d 1035, 1043 (D.C.Cir.1981). Therefore, defendant incurred liability for copying the designs when he ordered his employees to copy trademark plaintiffs' designs. Further, trademark plaintiffs submit the unrefuted affidavit of the private investigator who originally exposed defendant's alleged infringing activities. The investigator states that he witnessed defendant selling counterfeit t-shirts and other articles at a flea market and at the Promo Graphics shop. Thus, defendant duplicated trademark plaintiffs' designs in connection with the sale of the items. 041b061a72


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