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Reason RE PEQ-213 Parametric Equalizer [WiN]


PEQ-213 Parametric EqualizerPEQ-213 is a transparent and hands on parametric equalizer with Baxandall type low and high shelf, two bell shape Mid bands with adjustable Q width and smooth CV control, and phase inversion. Great for gentle corrections, wide tonal tweaks and for adding motion by CV modulation.

Powerful ProcessingSQ comes equipped with all the processing you need to craft the perfect mix. Every one of the 48 inputs has HPF, a super-fast gate with sidechain and filter, a musical 4-band parametric equalizer, and a Peak/RMS compressor for control and shaping of levels and transients. Mixes have both a parametric and 28 bands graphic EQ along with compressor as standard, all ready to switch in when required. The XCVI core even allows for every compressor in SQ to have its own parallel path, without phase or coherency worries. 781b155fdc


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