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Homophobia has been widespread in men's association football, also known as soccer, throughout the world. Journalist Matt Williams stated that being a gay professional player in football is still a taboo,[1] which journalist Simon Barnes has said will never change.[2] In February 2013, football magazine When Saturday Comes described homosexuality as a "continuing taboo" in the sport.[3] John Amaechi, the first NBA player to come out, has blamed football's "toxic" culture for the lack of openly gay players,[4] while English former footballer Clarke Carlisle has called for more education to be given to players to combat homophobia.[5] In June 2022, it was revealed that homophobia made up the majority of abuse aimed at footballers, 40% for men and 27% for women.[6]

hot gay soccer players

Anders Lindegaard is one of the few footballers to have spoken out against the intolerance of homosexuality in football[23] and the absence of openly gay players from the professional game. In a 2012 blog entry the Burnley FC goalkeeper wrote: .mw-parser-output .templatequoteoverflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 .templatequote .templatequoteciteline-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0

As a footballer I think first and foremost that a homosexual colleague is afraid of the reception he could get from the fans. My impression is that the players would not have a problem accepting a homosexual. Homosexuality in football is a taboo subject. The atmosphere on the pitch and in the stands is tough. The mechanisms are primitive, and it is often expressed through a classic stereotype that a real man should be brave, strong and aggressive. And it is not the image that a football fan associates with a gay person. The problem for me is that a lot of football fans are stuck in a time of intolerance that does not deserve to be compared with modern society's development in the last decades. While the rest of the world has been more liberal, civilised and less prejudiced, the world of football remains stuck in the past when it comes to tolerance. Homosexuals are in need of a hero. They are in need of someone who dares to stand up for their sexuality.[24]

In 2013, David Haigh became the first openly gay managing director of an English football club.[38][39][40][41] In November 2017, Pink News credited David Haigh along with Robbie Rogers and Thomas Hitzlsperger with paving the way for LGBT players and managers in football.[42]

German player Thomas Hitzlsperger stated in January 2014 that he thought it would be a long time before there was an openly gay player in the English Premier League.[45] John Ruddy later stated that openly gay players would be supported in England.[46] Later that month it was revealed that Liam Davis, a non-league player with Gainsborough Trinity, has been out for four years; he is the country's only openly gay male semi-professional player.[47][48]

In December 2019, Brighton players were subjected to homophobic abuse by Wolves fans; two people were arrested.[69] Later that month "hundreds of West Ham fans" were accused of homophobic chanting against Chelsea.[70]

In July 2020, a current Premier League player revealed he was gay but would/could not come out.[74] Later that month Everton players Richarlison and Lucas Digne said that a gay teammate would be accepted.[75]

"A bunch of faggots is what you have in French football. There are so many homosexual players there, they always provoke you, they touch your thighs, your bum, to see if you will give some kind of signal. I feel disgusted when a homosexual shares the same shower and stares at one's bum with desire, and even gets emotional when you are naked."

In March 2010, former manager Rudi Assauer said that "If a player came to me and said he was gay I would say to him: 'You have shown courage'. But then I would tell him to find something else to do.[119] That's because those who out themselves always end up busted by it, ridiculed by their fellow players and by people in the stands. We should spare them these witch hunts."[120]

On 8 January 2014, Thomas Hitzlsperger, who had retired from professional football in September 2013, announced that he was gay.[121] Before coming out, in September 2012, Hitzlsperger had publicly spoken about players coming out.[122] In September 2014 he said that he believed the sport was tackling homophobia.[123]

In an interview with the Turkish journalist Canan Danyıldız, one of the famous Turkish football managers, Yılmaz Vural, was asked about the presence of LGBT people in Turkish football. He said that although he has never witnessed any homosexual interaction in the locker rooms, he knows that there exist gay football players in the Turkish League. He added that he does not believe homosexuality inhibits the talents of the players and that everyone should be free to live their personal lives the way that they want to. He finalized his words by saying that gay Turkish football players can never come out of the closet since everyone knows about the case of the former referee Dinçdağ.[166]

Another important interview about LGBT people in Turkish Football was held between the journalist Elif Korap and the famous former football player and present football commentator Rıdvan Dilmen. When he was asked whether or not he knew of any gay Turkish football players, his answer was straightforward: "Of course, as there are in any other profession." Dilmen criticized other people in the Turkish football industry for not admitting the presence of LGBT people, since they are afraid of being considered as homosexual as well. Although Dilmen said that he does not approve the discrimination against the LGBT people in the Turkish football, on contrary, he argued that he would still disinherit his own kid for being gay once he was reminded about a negative comment he made during an interview in 1989.[167]

On 15 February 2013, midfielder Robbie Rogers, who had been released by Leeds United a few weeks earlier, came out after announcing his retirement from professional football.[170] Rogers later stated that being openly gay was "impossible" in the sport.[171] He has since returned to football, signing a "multi-year" contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy.[172] Rogers stated in December 2013 that he had not received any contact from other, secretly, gay players.[173]

While soccer remains one of the most popular sports around the world, very few players have been able to come out and enjoy a successful career afterwards. Gay players face pressure from teammates, ownership, coaches, and fans over their sexuality.

When American soccer player Collin Martin came out in 2018 while playing for the Minnesota United of the MLS, he became the only out man in one of the big five American sports leagues and in any top-division pro men's national soccer league.

Richarlyson is a former professional Brazilian soccer player whoplayed defensive midfielder, left back, and central defender. He is currently a pundit on SporTV. He came out as bisexual in 2022, become the first out LGBTQ male player to play for the Brazilian men's national team.

Berling is a Norwegian former pro soccer defender. He played professionally and for the under-19 national team in 1999, before disappearing from the sport in 2000. Later, he revealed he quit the sport as a result of homophobia he faced when he came out.

Justin Fashanu made history as the first gay soccer player to come out during his active career. He started his professional career at Norwich City in 1978, playing as a forward for many teams in the Premier League.

When the topic of which US soccer players are gay comes up, Robbie Rogers is often the first name on the list. Rogers was the second-ever soccer player to come out as gay while still actively playing in the Premier League. He was the first openly gay man to compete in a professional American soccer league. He came out in 2013 while playing for Leeds United, 23 years after Justin Fashanu took that first step for gay soccer players worldwide.

Thomas Hitzlsperger is the highest-profile male soccer player to come out as gay. He played as a left winger and central midfielder during his career and represented Germany at the 2006 World Cup. Hitzlsperger shocked fans when retired in 2013 at the age of 31, citing medical and travel-related reasons. An even bigger shock came when he came out as gay a year later in 2014.

After his retirement, he took on more executive roles in soccer and was appointed as Head of Sport for VfB Stuttgart in 2019. He was rapidly promoted to CEO of the organization but stepped down in March of 2022.

Jake Daniels plays as a forward for Blackpool DC and has been with Blackpool since the age of seven. Daniels made headlines in May 2022 after becoming the second-ever professional English soccer player to publicly come out as gay, 32 years after Justin Fashanu boldly claimed the title of first.

The sport of professional soccer is slowly getting friendlier and more accepting of the LGBTQ community. Starting from the coming out of Justin Fashanu, the gay and lesbian soccer community has made a lot of progress in the past 30 years, thanks in big part to those players brave enough to represent it in public.

Moreover, he is the only French footballer to date to disclose his sexual orientation publicly. But as one of the gay players in football, Rouyer is doing his best to fight homophobia in France.

The above list of players completes our list of 8 footballers who dared to come out as gay. Alongside the recent announcement, the list goes up to 17. Hence 17 total gay football players have dared to come out as gay.

One of the most prominent players in the WNBA who is perhaps best known for her dunking ability, Brittney Griner came out publicly as a lesbian just days after being selected with the first overall pick in the 2013 WNBA draft.

After coming out in 2013, Michael Sam was one of the first publicly gay players in high-profile college football history. He was drafted by the then-St. Louis Rams in 2014, making him the first out gay man drafted into the NFL, although he never played in a regular-season NFL game. 041b061a72


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