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Not Quite Sure

( -- Robots come in all shapes and sizes; from sets of blocks, to child sized humans, and then, there is this. At first, this reporter didn't know exactly how to classify Reeti. It isn't exactly human, but it isn't exactly a non-human. The real problem is that face, because humans tend to want to see faces as being human. The ears kind of remind me of Shrek, while the face looks surprisingly like a Snork. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1449240174198-2'); ); The oddity of its aesthetics aside, Reeti is a robot that is designed to act as a kind of media center helper. His main goal is to act as an interface between your PC and your TV. So, if you want to watch a movie in your iTunes library, without being limited to the small screen, a bot like Reeti could help you out. Then again, so could a simple cable, and the cable won't set you back nearly as much cash. Reeti, when it goes on pre-order on an as yet undetermined date, will cost you about $7000, and that price could still go up. Other than this, no one is exactly sure what Reeti does. Some have speculated that Reeti is, for the time being, mostly a blank platform that developers will be able to write apps for, a kind of like a robot app store, but to be honestly, this business model usually only works on devices that people already want to own for a built in feature, such as cell phones. I will say this for the little guy (or girl?), it is packing some decent hardware. Each of the robots eyes have a HD camera, so he can see in 3D and recognize objects. It also has a speech synthesizer, that can allow it to read text back to you. Reeti being made by Robopec, which is based in France. More 2010

Not quite sure

Free thesaurus definition of ways of saying you are not sure from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education.

"I have no idea. I don't know why I got a 10-minute penalty there. I stayed out the scrum. We exchanged some words. I got a stick swung in my face. Then I end up with a 10-minute penalty. I'm not quite sure what it was for." Kadri told reporters after the game.

CDP is a nonprofit that operates an international disclosure system for companies, investors, states, regions and cities to control and manage their environmental impact. CDP offers the tools and support to make environmental reporting and risk management a corporate standard and part of business strategy.

Despite increasing environmental degradation and global climate change, as detailed by NASA, corporate social responsibility is rising. Corporations are acting as advocates for change and calling attention to ecological issues. As the world progresses toward building a deforestation-free, climate-safe, and water-secure future, CDP disclosure offers the foundation for ambitious activity.

Luong is Asian with a medium skin tone. Other participants on the day STAT observed had darker skin. But the person on whom pulse oximeters performed the worst was one of the lightest-skinned volunteers tested. And in many cases, the pulse oximeter readings were lower than measured in blood, while the concern in clinical studies has been that the devices showed erroneously higher oxygen levels in people with darker skin, meaning clinicians might miss dangerous hypoxemia, or low oxygen. These results show that the issue of how much skin pigment affects pulse oximeters is not as clear-cut as many believe.

The lab also tests devices for manufacturers; demand has been high in recent years with the growth of health monitoring devices and fitness trackers. Such studies cost about $40,000 to run and are critical for new devices seeking FDA approval. These tests are often shrouded in secrecy because they involve new technologies; employees of the device manufacturers sometimes sweep the lab for security risks and make lab researchers sign non-disclosure agreements.

Some people with the most severe neurological symptoms and fatigue develop a disabling condition known as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome or POTS. When people stand up, their heart races and blood pressure falls. This leads to severe fatigue, headaches and difficulty concentrating.

And I go on explaining about screen readers and color contrast and headings and reading order and focus windows and keyboard navigation and captcha and carousels and animations and how all these details can be barriers. They thank me for my feedback. They promise to take it up with their supervisors. And I am pretty sure this is where it all ends for them.

Everything went wrong, from the offense's ease moving the ball to the defense's ability to create any pressure. The Tigers sat back. They were content with their lead. They eventually looked like the overmatched team in the trenches, in open space, in matters of discipline. (Auburn's nine penalties gave Mississippi State 88 yards.)

"The message was really holding everyone together," Hall said. "And not so much with coach Harsin, but just really player accountability. Just making sure everybody comes to work tomorrow and assesses this game in the right way."

A time penalty is quite possible and, depending on its level, it would mean Perez might fall back to second place. Should it be a five-second penalty, the 32-year-old driver would be in good shape. Indeed, his lead over the number two was more than five seconds at the finish. If the race organisers decide to award a time penalty of 10 seconds or more, Perez would be out of luck and the victory would go to Charles Leclerc.

If there's one thing that drives Dan "crackers," it's the lack of diversity in the business. "It's a shame. It's a bloody damn shame that people of color are not more involved in-depth in this industry." Dan said Wieden & Kennedy has increased its diversity quite dramatically, "but we are not there yet. I'm not raising a flag on that. It still bothers me to this day."

"Part of our big push is to make sure people in the inner city, especially people of color, understand this is a game they should be playing. This is a lot of fun, and you can make a lot of money and you can do a lot of good things."

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