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Ck2 Change Custom Kingdom Color |LINK|

A title is essentially a certificate of land ownership, decreeing which characters own a certain place or a certain organization (e.g. churches, mercenaries, and holy orders). Each title has a rank, a unique coat of arms, and a color on map. Certain titles can change name based on the culture of the character holding it and all titles can have their names and coat of arms changed by their holder. A character's titles along with those held by its vassals form a character's Realm.

Ck2 Change Custom Kingdom Color

De jure drift or assimilation is the process by which the de jure borders of kingdoms and empires can change over time. If a ruler completely controls a Duchy and owns a Kingdom title other than the one the Duchy De Jure belongs to, or if a ruler completely controls a Kingdom and owns an Empire title other than the one the Kingdom De Jure belongs to, then the said Duchy or Kingdom will slowly become De Jure part of the character's Primary title.

The name, adjective, color, and flag of the nation can be customized at no point cost. There are many different options to choose from for you to style your nation in a way that serves your image, and future powerhouse its rightful place in the world. You can do whatever you might want, and your only restriction is the given flag colors, yet even that isn't so much as a restriction as there are several mods that can add to these options.

Details: The change realm color decision has no cost and lets the player switch between up to 16 colors. The first 12 colors use predefined colors. The last 4 are marked as custom and I recommend players to set those to whatever colors you wish. The custom colors are by default set to some I pulled from a random generator.

Change the dynasty file in the my mod to the following and for the dynamic CoA flag, go into flags in the AGOT main mod and copy and rename " d_daemon_blackfyres_host " to " c_agot_custom_house " then paste/overwrite it into the AGOT Custom Noble House flag folder, OR go into dynamic_coa_effects file and change c_agot_custom_house into d_daemon_blackfyres_host, and you should start flying the Blackfyre sigil. 350c69d7ab


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