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Infinity: Battlescape Free Download [torrent !EXCLUSIVE! Full]

The continuation of the Elite series appears on the game screens! The new Infinity: Battlescape is already available for download in the Russian version via torrent. New combat units, cruiser, space bases, new events and new dangers.

Infinity: Battlescape Free Download [torrent Full]


Infinity: Battlescape is a space simulator. Under the control of the player will be a huge space base and his own flotilla. In addition to being a commander, the player also has the opportunity to explore uncharted space systems, trade, mine, and expand their own empire. Map. The player has the opportunity to practically visit any planet or star where there is a space port, while the map will not carry out the loading procedure, that is, in this regard, the game is very convenient. At the start of the game, gamers will be able to fly their own spaceships from a first-person perspective, putting the game ahead of the old Elite once again. It is also worth noting the presence of a new system designed for invention, that is, in other words, the well-known crafting, thanks to which it is possible to create unique items. Do not forget about the military conflicts that are present in the game, that is, they are mainly online players. In fact, this is a large-scale sandbox with a huge number of possibilities. Ships. There are various types of spaceships in the game: interceptor, bomber, corvette. At the first stages of the game, the player will be on his star shuttle, it is worth noting that his ability to view is completely free, that is, even sitting on his ship, we will be able to walk along it and, so to speak, press on all sorts of panels. The process of immersing in the atmosphere of the planet is quite simple, the player will only need to keep the steering and pilot control smoothly and adjust the speed. The game Infinity: Battlescape has already become available for download via torrent of the Russian version. Along with this, the developers did their best to convey the free-action mode, in other words, literally all the processes that take place in real life take place in the game.

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Have been using this since 2006 and its still usefull in agility course @Priff or other skills.Dont use it longer than 4 hours and you won't get bannedalso if u download ghostmouse u can use this to create a loop.


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