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Sohel Chowdhury
Jul 02, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Let's say that phone number list for a while, you single-handedly make something that people like to consume: cinnamon rolls, maybe, or phone number list content. You decide to go big with your operations and bring more happiness into the world. Boats full of happiness. We're talking phone number list content (or cinnamon rolls) galore. We're talking about more than just doing more of what you do. You need to do more than throw more people into the phone number list situation. To handle increased complexity, you need updated processes, new strategies, and more automation. For example, in Automating Content Reuse: One Marketing Team's Story, Jen Brass Jenkins tells the story of content teams in the phone number list University of Utah healthcare system reorganizing how they create, label, distribute and manage their phone number list content so that they can reuse their content in smarter ways and present it to more readers. Think big about your staff Create content potlucks! How? Invite content developers from across the phone number list organization (technical writers, professional service consultants, trainers, support engineers, etc.) phone number list to participate in online communities. It's an inexpensive way to build relationships and discuss the value of applying content marketing principles to all types of content. You'll discover ways subject matter experts can contribute to blog posts, videos, and forums, boosting their credibility with potential and existing customers. Clients enjoy hearing stories from the phone number list field and learning from their peers. Engage more subject matter experts and content creators across the phone number list organization. Tell their stories. Harness customer passion with user-generated content, from social media phone number list to brand communities. To attract more subject matter experts, influencers, and others who can add to your wealth of stories phone number list to share, host more events. Events create timelines for high-value content that can be published and reused phone number list in multiple forms. Jake Athey , Director of Marketing, Widen. Group your content creators into their own Agile team. Include cross-functional members, giving the phone number list team all the skills needed to produce content from start phone number list to finish. Enable teams to self-organize, set their own schedules, and stay focused on critical content. If you hire great people, put them on an Agile team, and provide them with a strategy phone number list to execute against, you can grow dramatically without losing quality content.
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Sohel Chowdhury

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